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What Are the World Famous Excavator Brands?

Tags: Used Sumitomo Excavators for sale hydraulic excavators for sale2013-12-03

As one of the largest engineering machinery, excavators have been widely used in all kinds of construction situations and greatly improved the efficiency of construction. Frankly speaking, used excavator is also a perfect choice for users for price advantage. Needless to say, most friends have ever seen this kind of machinery; however, they didn't know much of excavator brands. Now, I'd like to introduce ten world famous excavator brands.

KOMATSU of Japan has always been the leader of excavator. It has a diversity of product models which are superior in quality. Especially, komatsuPC120, PC100-5-5 type excavators are two classical ones. It has a good match to machinery and a strong hydraulic system, which contribute to a low cost. Moreover, it operates very flexibly. Nevertheless, it's a bit expensive, so are other parts. KOMATSU excavator, you deserve it.

The Hitachi excavator is affiliated to the Japanese Nikkei. The most prominent characteristics of it is that it has the lowest noise and a high original rate of parts. However, it's said that it's not durable; many problems will appear after two or three years. But it still sells well.

The ROBEX excavator is made in Jiangsu, the company was jointly set up by the Republic of Korea and China. It's much cheaper than the former, and the price of the parts can be accepted by most people. Predictably, it is not good in property. For instance, it spins slowly and has low efficiency.

Caterpillar is the world's largest earthmoving machinery and construction machinery manufacturers, and it is also the world diesel engines, gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric hybrid main supplier of the unit . CAT excavator is made in the USA, it is started with the engine with strong power and strength. It has a good quality, substantially and durably. It's a bit expensive as well.

KOBELCO is made in Japan, which is more than one hundred years old. It operates fast with a high speed. Accidentally, it's fuel-efficient. If you use the electric engine in China, it will be less fuel-efficient without ems.

It's generally durable, and has low fuel consumption. It has an important part---the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump parts all of Volvo is imported from Japan, assembled in China. The quality requirements are very strict. As for the property, you can ask the Volvo excavator users. Anyway, the hydraulic pump should be very good.

DOOSAM excavator is very good, which is a Korean multinational company's products, with high performance of the best-selling models. In addition, it will also provide free testing once a year and very good after-sales service is also available.

SNAY excavator is domestic machine. Action is coordinated and the quality is good. Besides, most people can afford it. Admittedly, the operation speed is a bit slow, and it's not durable. But as we all know, we should try our best to support the domestic machine which also provides us subsidies. So its trinity performance-to-price ratio is very good. The above is the world market relatively well-known excavator brands, it may help you broaden your horizons. Actually, there are many other brands of excavator market, but their market share is very low, word-of-mouth is also insufficient, so we do not mention here.

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