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What Are Tips for Buying Used Excavator?

Tags: hitachi excavators for sale used excavator buckets for sale2013-12-03

With engineering machinery's high temperature dropping, many users turned purchase targets from the new machine market to the second-hand machine market. Compared to the new machine, the used excavator machine has the absolute advantages in terms of price, however, there are advantages and also disadvantages. More problems exist to buy a used car than the new car. If you don't have a good understanding of the excavators, being deceived can hardly be avoided. According to the users, it is difficult to identify the third-hands, four-hands and even accidents machines' quality from the appearance after the renovation of a series of processing.

First of all, if you want to buy a second-hand machine,its a must to invite a senior old man to help and have a test. Secondly, when purchasing the machine, don't seeking small advantages.If you feel that the machine prices are much lower than expected, which may be tricky, so be cautious to purchase it !

And here comes some attentions from a reporter. He acquired these from the feedback of the users. You can take it as a reference.

Whenever you buy something, the first sight is the appearance, so is the excavator. The experienced users can estimate the usage and attrition rate at the first sight. So, what exactly should we care about the appearance and how to do that? Maybe it has troubled many users, now I will introduce the methods to you.

Primarily, the size of excavator arm. Watch carefully whether the big arm and the small arm of excavator have cracks or welding marks or not. If there are cracks, you can assure that the machine has been operated in a poor condition before, and it has bee seriously damaged. Therefore, even if you bought this kind of machine, it's very hard for you to manage.

Secondly, check four round areas. Firstly observe the driving wheel, guide wheel, supporting wheel, belt wheel and crawler, and find out whether they have been worn severely. Then check the chain, if it's original, there will be a sign on the chain and this sign corresponds to the information of the machine; if not, that chain has been changed, you must be careful to buy.

Besides, the engine is commonly known as the "heart" of excavator, so we must carefully check the engine in the purchase of second-hand machine, commissioning to check whether it has noise, the power is strong or not, etc.

Accidentally, hydraulic pump is the power component of hydraulic system, its effect is to transform the original motive of the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, it provided power to the entire hydraulic system. Consequently, the hydraulic pump test is also very important. When purchasing, use your hand to touch the hydraulic pump, judging there exists shock hand-feeling or not. And then check the hydraulic pump whether it has cracks, whether there is a serious oil spill and have a test.

Ultimately, check the electrical system, whether the circuit can work normally, and then enter the computer system to check the motherboard, if you can have a sight of all kinds of work after entering the system, such as speed, pressure, maintenance mode, etc, which prove that computer board is normal .

The above several matters is collected with the warm heart to help you which need high attention. And if you have a better method, just speak out; after all, what we hope is to prevent people being deceived.

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