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Professional Tips for Users of Used Excavator

Tags: used volvo excavators for sale new excavator for sale2013-12-02

If you want to operate your used excavator machine well, you will need some tips from professional actually since the structure of excavator is not too simple. Now here come the professional tips for users of used excavator.

1. Operating techniques: First, confirm the situation around. When turning operations, you should know well about the surrounding obstacles and terrain. When operating, make sure the direction of crawler belt back and forward to avoid tilting or impact. Besides, don't put the final drive in the face of mining direction, otherwise it will be easy to damage motor or hose; Accidentally,ensure that the crawler fully contact with the ground, so as to improve the dynamic stability of the machine.

2. Effective mining methods: when the bucket cylinder and connecting rod, cylinder and fights the rod between each other into 90 degrees, the digging force is maximum; when the shovel bucket tooth and the ground has 30 degrees, the digging force is the best with least resistance; when digging with bucket rod, you should guarantee the arm Angle ranges from 30 degrees to 45 degrees. At the same time, use the movable arm and bucket, which can improve the efficiency of mining?

3. Mining rock climbing: using the bucket to dig rock will cause great damage to the machine, so try to avoid; when digging, you should adjust the rock body position according to the direction of the crack, making the bucket shovel into the smoothly to Inserted the bucket teeth in the rock cracks; use the bucket rod and the bucket digging force for mining. If the rock has not been cataclysmic, break it first, and then use the bucket to dig.

4. Slope formation assignment: For planar shaping machine, it should be flat on the ground, to prevent the body shaking, to grasp the movable arm and arm movement coordination, control the speed is vital for plane dressing.

5. Loading operation: the machine's body should be in a level and stable position, or it will be difficult to accurately control rotation when uninstalled, which will prolong the cycle time of operation.  In addition, try to install when left rotation for a wide vision and high working efficiency.

6.Smooth operation methods: when operating, the stability of the machine can not only improve the work efficiency, but also prolong the life of the machine, and can ensure safe operation as well(put the machine flatly on the ground);  The stability of drive chain wheel in the back is better than that in the anterior, and also can prevent the final drive from outside force impact. Accidentally, treads on the ground of the wheelbase is always greater than the wheel track, so the former working stability is good, and try to avoid lateral operation.To stay closely to the machine, in order to improve the stability, If the site is  away from the machine, causing of the center of gravity forward, homework is unstable; if site is away from the body center, the machine will be more unstable, so the site and the body center should keep an appropriate distance, in order to make balance, efficient operation.

The above tips are  very professional.As an old proverb goes, experience is the best teacher, you should act it and experience it in person.

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