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Functions of Excavator Bucket

Tags: backhoe excavator used komatsu excavators for sale2013-11-28

Excavator bucket is one of the main components of the excavator, it is in contact with the operating point directly during operation , a significant effect of force will produce. There are many types of excavator buckets, their respective role of the excavation work will be different, excavator bucket, is also called bucket, bucket is divided into backhoe bucket and shovel bucket according to work situation, backhoe bucket is used commonly in construction site.

Bucket is also divided into standard bucket, strengthened bucket, rock bucket, gravel bucket and so on according to materials. Standard bucket is made of quality material selection, high-strength structural steel 16Mn, but the weakness is that this kind of bucket is not hard, so it is applied to general clay, loose soil excavation and sand, earth, gravel , or loading lighter operating environment, buckets of used excavator may have greater wear and tear, and it should be replaced if necessary.

Strengthen vulnerable parts of the bucket seat and side tooth blade plate is made of quality material selection, high-strength wear-resistant steel NM360, it has a higher hardness, we can used it to dig gravel mixed with softer hard soil or crushed stone, gravel and other heavy work load. Rock bucket seat and the side of the tooth blade plate material selection Sweden imported ultra high-strength wear-resistant steel HARDOX, a very high hardness is the kind of bucket's advantage, we can use it to digging hard gravel mixed with hard soil , sub-hard stone , weathered stone or flint, after blasting ore operating environment such as heavy loading. Gravel bucket has ultra hardness compared to the above three kinds of bucket, so it almost can be used in every digging site.

There are other classifications of excavator bucket in the light of other considerations. Excavator buckets are also can divided into the ditch bucket, the gate bucket, cleaning bucket , tilt bucket and so on according to the function. Ditch bucket is suit for the excavation of a variety of shapes trench, it possess many advantages, for example: high efficiency, trench excavation forming at a time, generally without dressing. The gate bucket is appropriate for separating relatively loose material excavation, excavation and separation completed at one time, it is widely used in municipal, agricultural, forestry, water, earth and stone works because of the characteristics of wide applicability.

Cleaning bucket and tilt bucket are used for slopes inclined plane finishing and rivers, ditches large capacity dredging, cleaning work, and tilt bucket can improve work efficiency greatly through changing the tilt angle of the cleaning bucket by adjusting the oil tank. In order to play the role of the excavator bucket better, excavator operator should know the notices above all, cherishing the bucket in everyday life of working, operators of the excavators should choose different types of excavator buckets according to the working place, if you operate a used excavator, the performance of used excavator should be considered.

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