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Safety Tips for Excavator Operators

Tags: used caterpillar excavators for sale small excavators for sale2013-11-27

The excavator is widely used in the city's construction, it has lot of advantages, such as small volume, high efficiency, lower rent, a 20 tons used excavator only needs less than 20,000RMB per month, even the price of the 6 tons used excavator is just 200,000RMB. Excavator solved a lot of difficulties that manpower could not be completed in our daily lives in a variety of construction, and made a great contribution for our social construction. Excavators have an important aspect is that there are a lot of security problems should be noticed during the operation, the excavator operators should pay attention to the safe operation. The main safe tips include important aspects as following.

Firstly, when you drive a used excavator, you should check the appearance of your excavator to ensure that the body of the machine is well, and make sure the oil, engine temperature and other factors of the excavator is in good position. If one or more factor(s) is abnormal, you should not use until it is fixed well.

Secondly, once the excavator has been launched, any one should not be allowed standing near around the bucket, shovel arm and the track, everyone should take the initiative away from the excavator operating environment to ensure safe operation, and you had better adjust you sitting posture so that you will not uncomfortable during the operation.

Thirdly, any person can't be stay or walk within the radius of gyration or bucket beneath when the excavator is been operated, if you were not the driver, please don't tamper with another operating room shuffle to ensure safe operation.

Fourthly, the operator should observe and whistle when he want to move his excavator from one place to another place, and then began to move the machine to avoid hurting someone around the machine's side caused by security incidents. Do what is not prohibited in accordance with the provisions of the operation. You should park the excavator on level ground above when the operation is finished, the excavator must not be placed in low-lying areas or the edge of the trench to prevent skidding due to weight or turn, and then closed and locked doors and windows.

In addition to the importance of operations, it is also very important that routine maintenance and repair work of the excavator when worked in outside, every excavator operator should make use of the process for each record, if you find a problem about excavator, please report it and repaired promptly to avoid a more serious problem. In addition, please keep the environment inside the cab of the excavator clean, develop the good habit of caring machines in everyday life, maintain a perfect clean look to extend the service life of the machine and obtain a greater economic benefit.

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