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What Is the Job of Excavator Operators

Tags: used caterpillar excavators for sale excavator buy2013-11-27

With the continuous progress of China's modernization, China's infrastructure construction has sprang up in every city, which increased the demand for excavators and other construction machinery. More and more relevant operator (driver) joined the group to rebuild our motherland; As a qualified excavator machine operator, we should have a lot of qualities. And now, let's us chat on this topic.

When you are a trainee, you had better do what your master told you do. Masters have rich experience, they will teach you the right things and correct your mistakes. They will also talk to you that you shouldn't develop any bad habits, or you will not give them up easily. Good working habits are very important? The following we will talk about this issue.

Safety is always the most important thing for the excavator operators. In view of the experiences and lessons of others, we must put this point in mind. When the danger is coming, our reaction time should be very short. Take the collapse as example, the time from when it is discovered to fall down is range from 2 seconds to 10 seconds. However, the operators sitting on the machine, they are usually will not find the signs of collapse at the first time because there are some objects hide the sight of the collapse, such as: a small stone, a small mud from the cave mouth fall, or a place to cracking.

When discovered, there are always only two seconds of reaction time for the excavator operators, regardless of your machine is new or used excavator, so what can we do in this short period of time? Rotate, raise the arm, move back? If you find the amount of mud less than you expected, then you can do these actions very calmly, but you require quick response if the amount of mud is more than expected. As you are working in a very crowded place, you are digging the mud in front of collapse, but the collapse is going to happen again, in this case, your head will suddenly a blank, then after a second, what would you do? No time to think, everything moves will be follow your instinct. In this case, the routine work to develop good habits and experience will support you make the right rapid response.

Good habits includes lots of aspects, such as each step shouldn't push the mud or stone in the wrong directions; seeing the working work environment before starting your machine; when you operate a used excavator, clean the bucket in time in case of the waste sticky on it; please remain vigilant when you are doing the hazardous activities or working in the risky place. You will be able to develop good safety habits if you keep these things in mind.

Excellent drivers should also have the following qualities:
1: Check the water tank whether the lack of oil or not before starting every day, if the oil is not enough, fill the tank.
2: The driver should also have the ability to find a vehicle is in significantly abnormal, and solve it according to empirical analyzes abnormal cause of the problem.
3: Check the vehicle to make sure whole cracks or open welding is found out in time during the working intermittence.
4: If you have found the causes of the problem of the excavator, notify the boss at the first time, give your boss some appropriate solving recommendations.
5: Have the ability to assist your bosses to talk about price and give bosses advice and tips.

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