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Something You Have to Know About Used Excavator

Tags: used hitachi excavators for sale used excavators for sale in europe2013-11-25

It is unwise to think that used excavator is useless, because there are many different kinds of advantages of using used excavator. First is usage, we can make good use of them to accomplish earthwork excavation, loading, but also for land leveling, slope repair, lifting, crushing, demolition, trenching and other operations in roads, railways, bridge construction and so on.

Second, in terms of the types, there are many different aspects of the classification method. For example, according to the way in driving used excavators, it can divided into internal combustion engine driving and electric drive used excavators. Electric drive used excavators mainly used in large mining fields and is more environmental than internal combustion engine driving used excavators, but is not convenient to move freely.

According to the different ways of walking, they are crawler used excavators and wheel used excavators. Crawler used excavators are suited to muddy and wet areas, but it takes large investment and is clumsy to move. By using wheel excavator, wheel excavator can operates it faster and more flexible than others. It's said that every coin has two sides. So wheel excavator's usage scale is limited and is bad in uphill drives.

According to the weight, used excavator can be divided into three types, which is mini excavator, medium excavator and large excavator. Mimi excavator's weight is less than 6 tons. Because of its size, it is convenient for excavator to run safely in a narrow and small working place. Medium excavator is used widely in the world, and its weight is between 6 tons and 40 tons. Wheel excavator is one kind of a medium excavator. Obviously, when excavator's weight is more than 40 tons, it is large excavator, which is used mostly in large mining field. Dredging ship is one of large excavators, and is used to clear mud in rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Since used excavator has such a variety of advantages, you need to follow some tips to keep it well. Many users just put used excavator outdoor when it doesn't work in winter, especially in northeastern area. As a result, the excavator will break down after winter time. So it is important to keep the used excavator dry indoor or blanket it with coverings. Secondly, users should set fuel lever to idle position and every controller to the neutral position. Furthermore, you need to change engine oil if cooling water was let off the engine drain, then fill the fuel tank with diesel in case of rusting. Last, remember to keep good condition by repairing the damaged parts and clear the used excavator if you plan to store it for a long time, and starting the engine once a month is of a great importance at the same time.

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