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Teach You How to Choose a High Quality Used Excavator

Tags: hitachi excavators for sale excavator manufacturers2013-11-25

A new excavator is rather expensive, the price of a new excavator can reach one million yuan or even more. As to a worker who wants to make fortune from this, it's a bit overwhelmed to afford for this. Fortunately, there are other choices- the used excavator. Compared with the price of a new excavator, a second-hand excavator is very affordable. Used excavator is popular in the market now, it's favored by users of all ages. That's because used excavator need less investment, which makes it possible for you to buy it at a reasonable price, yet the second-hand excavator can work as well as a new one. Meanwhile, if you have job changes after a period of time, you can still avoid risks and losses. However there are things we need to pay attention to when buy used excavators, here are some advices that may help to buy a high quality used excavator.

A Appearance: Carefully observe the sealing strip around the door frame and the window to see if there are any spray traces. Any new paint trace covers some defects that the seller don't want you to know; check the wedding points under the rear machine cover to find out whether the used excavator had any accident before. The original wedding points are small and smooth, while the added ones are rough and irregular. If the latter one shows up, then it means the second-hand excavator has been in a serious accident. You can also tell if the machine has been in an accident by seeing from the side look whether the driving cab has deformation.

B Caterpillar band: Track abrasion level can reflect an excavator's usage level. If the band's edge has no sharp edges, it illustrates that the owner used the excavator frequently and don't care. In this way, not only the caterpillar band is not good but the whole situation of used excavator hides many problems. If it's not the original band, the machine used to do a lot of work so that even the caterpillar band is changed. Chain can also reflect the working condition of second-hand drivers.

C Mechanical components: First observe the engine and hydraulic pump for any sighs of open repairs, pay attention if there is any. Then observe the color of the exhaust gases, if it's translucent pale gray, the engine works in good condition; if it's blue, the engine must be tired out; if it's red, the cylinder liner is going to be scrapped. Finally ignite the engine to see if the engine and the hydraulic system has any abnormal sound .Open the throttle to a minimum, top up the car, see if there is any power when the car is on accelerator, if the used excavator flameout ,that means the car has no power.

Certainly you can buy a used excavator with the company of a professional chef , that can save you a lot of time and experience, but knowing this can assure you high quality machine whenever you want to buy it. Remember these advices when choosing a used excavator and you will not regret it.

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