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Will You Choose a Good Used Excavator?

Tags: used volvo excavators for sale hydraulic excavators for sale2013-11-23

Excavators, also named excavating machinery, are such earthmoving machines using scoop to excavate materials higher or lower than machine surface and loading transport vehicles or discharging to the stocking yard. And the materials are mainly loose soil, coal, sediment, and the soil and rocks. Excavators develop relatively quickly, and it has become one of the main engineering machinery in engineering construction.

Influx of large numbers of equipment contributes a lot to used excavators' constantly growth. As an emerging industry, excavators have a huge potential to mining in engineering machinery.

First of all, the most prominent and attracting customers most is the price of the used excavators, which may even lower than half of the new ones in all probability. The use of cycle length and the degree of wear and tear will also affect the price indirectly, and the most important is still the choice of customers if the machines reach their demands.

In addition, It's a shame that the quality of the used excavators can't be guaranteed, so that some people may have a doubt that purchasing such second-hand excavators is just like buying goods online and there are certain risks.

In general, however, the formation of the excavator market scale has become a trend, and it is close to perfect no matter in sales, transportation, use, service and maintenance. As the development of the used excavators, the quality will be continually improved and it will also gain greater market space and become another new product among mainstream machinery products.

Therefore, it will be useful to learn some tips about how to choose and purchase such excavators. Following are some suggestions:
1. Have a check if the engine is leaking oil, step on the gas to see whether the excavator is working correctly.
2. Step on the gas to listen whether the sound is normal, stretch out the hydro-cylinder to check the voice of the pump.
3. Test the link chain and chain board.
4. Check the steering wheel up and down, a little gap around is allowed.
5. Look at the quantity of pipelines replaced, the less the newer.
6. Check the work speed of the accelerator, make an assessment.
7. Check all the hydro-cylinders, to see if there is a scar.
8. Check by walking, according to the high speed mode, with your ears close to the drive wheels ,listen if it works normally.
Last but not least, sincerely hope that you find satisfied used excavators!

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