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Brief Introduction to Excavator Fuel Consumption

Tags: long reach excavators for sale wheeled excavators for sale2013-11-22

Excavator machine, including used excavator, surely needs to consume fuel to function well. Excessive consumption will be a waste of energy or money. Waste has been regarded as a big problem. But the method is more than the problem. Through our efforts to explore, and finally found and summarized some of the tips to reduce fuel consumption. Now and share our experience with you as following.

First, the high mining truck excavator placed high beneath the operating platform and truck with high or slightly, is the most effective (1) from the beginning of inclined angle mining operation because it is from the slant angle began to work, the whole process for a long time, the small arm and the big arm movement distance is long, more fuel consumption. (2) the upper, lower mining upper, lower mining is to dig the upper, mining method to dig at the lower part of the whole process, short time, improve fuel efficiency. The upper, lower and lower respectively mining excavator operation, unit of time consumption, cycle time by 12%, the amount of work per unit time in 6%, fuel efficiency improvement 8%.

Second, non full throttle operation: the same mining loading operation, the engine speed decreased, compared with the maximum engine throttle, fuel consumption, fuel efficiency. By reducing the engine speed 10%, fuel consumption decreased by 12%, fuel efficiency is improved by 4%. If the plastic light load operation, use the E mode, fuel consumption reduced by 23%, fuel efficiency is improved by 14%. This is in the emphasis on fuel efficiency and noise around the work site.

Third, prevent unnecessary idling points. Idle is necessary after engine start and stop before the 5 minutes, but the idle long time is wasted fuel and. Excavator in idling in the hydraulic oil pump circulation, excavator 20 ton per hour to consume about 0.76 liters of fuel. Automatic injection idling more, 1 hour consumes around 3. 3 liters of fuel.

Forth, key points to prevent hydraulic overflow. Too large mining load, even if you always hold the handle, the bucket does not move hydraulic pressure in overflow. Hydraulic relief, not only can not finish the work, and the fuel consumption is greater. When load increases, don't force caused by overflow to load faster, the smooth operation of hydraulic overflow: when the hydraulic oil pressure reached more than relief valve setting pressure, overflow valve is opened, the hydraulic oil flows back to the oil tank.

Finally, non full throttle walking high engine speed is fast walking speed engine, rotary high part, fuel consumption is also more. When the engine speed is lower than high speed walking better fuel efficiency. The 10% drop in engine speed, vehicle speed decreased 12%, but consumption fell 16%, walking the fuel efficiency is increased by 20%. The other is pay attention to regular timely maintenance, because the oil degradation and diesel filter incomplete will cause damage to the fuel and lubricating system, resulting in cleaning dirt walking device was stained with mud from excessive consumption of fuel of walking, walking resistance increased, as oil consumption rising, please try to clean off the dirt. Tension adjustment track tension is not adjusted, when walking, resistance increase , cause increases fuel consumption, please refer to the manual adjustment method to adjust the decoration.

Be compared with new excavator, used excavator has a certain price advantage, but the used excavator in fuel consumption is insufficient. So the cost savings in fuel consumption, let the excavator has stronger competitiveness and competitive space, cannot be neglected.

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