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Famous Excavator Brands in the World

Tags: excavators for sale in europe excavator machinery2013-11-22

There are a large number of famous excavator (including used excavator) manufacturing brands around the world. As far as we know, Global top 10 brands are as follows.

The first non Japanese KOMATSU. Komatsu Corporation was famous Engineering machinery manufacturers, founded in 1921, has been 80 years of history, with advanced production experience in the field of engineering machinery. It is registered Komatsu Investment Company Limited, the registered capital of 34.57 million dollars, in 2001 February in Shanghai City.

The second one is also Japanese company called HITACHI. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. was founded in October 1, 1970 in Tokyo Japan. Its construction machinery group is one of the world's largest construction machinery today, transport machinery, other machinery and equipment manufacturing, sales and service of integrated company.

The American corporation CAT is in the third place. The United States Caterpillar Inc was founded in 1925, is one of the world's largest construction machinery and mining equipment manufacturers, gas engines and industrial gas turbine manufacturers. And It is also one of the world's largest diesel engine manufacturers. Caterpillar Investment Co. Ltd. was established in Beijing in 1996. And Caterpillar invest in China to have establish 11 production enterprises, Manufacturing of hydraulic excavator, compaction machine, diesel engine, crawler running device, casting, motor grader, crawler dozers, wheel loaders, reengineering of engineering machinery parts and components and power generation unit.

The next one is Sweden's Volvo Group founded in 1924, Volvo Construction equipment company is a member of the Volvo Construction equipment maker, is famous in the world. They mainly produce different models of excavators, wheel loaders, motor grader, articulated trucks and other products. Volvo Construction equipment Co.Ltd. was founded in 2002 March, is headquartered in Shanghai.

The fifth one is DAEWOO of the Republic of Korea. Daewoo Group was founded in 1967 by Jin Yuzhong, its products have been represented Korea machinery industry level of development, in the diesel engine, excavators, vehicle, automatic machine tools, robotics and other fields to create a recognized achievements. Established in October 1, 1994, Daewoo Heavy Industries Yantai Co. Ltd. in Yantai China. Mainly produces excavators, forklifts and machine tools and other heavy industrial products. Daewoo Corp in 2005 by the Doosan company acquired 51% stake.

And another Korean company is also well-known in this industry. It's called HYUNDAI. And Hyundai Heavy Industry is the South Korean modern group Principal company and it was founded in 1972 in the Korean Peninsula in southeastern Ulsan. Its product of scope are related to the automobile, engineering machinery, a number of industrial areas such as forklift. In September 1, 2002 the establishment of modern Beijing capital company in Beijing, Beijing modern industry is gradually become the largest supplier of forklift truck, excavator.

There are many other famous brands related industry, such as Kobelco Corporation in Japan, CASE in the United Sates, SANY and AOT in China. Here we will not elaborate on these.

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