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The Main Features of Foreign Wheeled Excavators

Tags: good engine used excavator used cat excavator2013-11-21

Wheeled excavators, together with track excavators are the two major kinds of excavators. Because of the huge market of used excavators, the foreign wheeled excavators are becoming more and more popular due to its advanced technology. Thus, the major feature of foreign wheeled excavators is being explored.

First, the hydraulic system of a foreign wheeled excavator adopts load-sensing system or negative control system. The advantages of negative control system are obvious. It can control several executive components with different loading pressures at the same time, and keep their speed and accuracy. And the negative control system has the characteristics of good stability, quick response, reliability and good maintainability.

The majority of the foreign wheeled excavators adopt electronic energy conservation and microcomputer control system all on independent research and development. For instance, JCB Company adopts AMS control system which can give consideration to simple operation and reaching top performance under all kinds of conditions. This system has several power patterns, and it can make different responses through sensing hydraulic requirements in according with the movement of control handle and operating requirements, making engine power match with hydraulic power and activate power lift and automatic idle speed function of the engine.

The foreign wheeled excavators have safe, comfortable, reliable cabs with FOPS and ROPS which possess adjustable elastic chairs and acoustic measures to lower noise interference. The design of the cab will gradually adopts ROPS and FOPS and equip with air conditioner. And the cab is full sealed and has noise reduction treatment. This kind of safe and environment friendly cab uses chairs designed by ergonomics. Together with all-dimensional adjustments, control handles with integrated functions, full-automatic gearshift and electronic monitoring as well as system of fault self-diagnosis, improving the working condition of the drivers and working performance.

The foreign wheeled excavators also have the features of energy saving and environmental protection. In order to improve the energy saving effect of products and meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, foreign wheeled excavator enterprises mainly proceed with aspects of the lower engine emission, improve the efficiency of hydraulic system and reduce the vibration and noises. The development of diesel engine of overseas engineering machinery has reached full electronic control, using direct injection technology to control diesel fuel injection quantity and time, and cancels the traditional mechanical speed governor and timing gear, simplifies the structure of diesel engine.

Komatsu and Carter manufacturer have developed this kind of electronic control diesel engine, whose characteristic curve can be determined by software, adopting different features for different working conditions to achieve the optimal situation of the economy, emission and dynamic property. These major features of foreign wheeled excavators are worthy of learning to develop the development of our domestic excavators.

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