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Guidelines of Selecting Used Excavator

Tags: used kobelco excavators for sale backhoe excavator2013-11-20

At the first of place, Rubber crawler and chassis of the results you only see the rubber track wear, but did not see the sprocket wheel and roller plenty of wear. You can wear crack and edge check rubber tracks to estimate its usage, and rib height, like watching a tire wear when the attention of tire like grain.

The second, the slewing ring and to check the used excavator slewing bearing slewing ring and rotary bearing. Under normal circumstances should the upper smoothly start turning and can accurately stop, little or no deviation. For small excavator, the rotary gear ring and the rotary bearing should be the same as the machine has the same long life, so any about this part of the problem must be Worthy of note. When you check the track and chassis, don't forget to check the oil level and drive cleanliness. And this part is very easy to be ignored, but often there was little oil. If the amount of oil is still very low, and the water or other things pouring into, there could be more trouble.

The next is about engine. Engine cover was influenced by the different ways and the situation of soil. Rubber track work life also has the very big difference. Generally speaking, the average life expectancy is for about 2000 hours. Then if there is a rock or easy to wear in the work environment, the service life will be halved, on the contrary, work life will also corresponding doubling in good environment. Steel track, Rubber Track excavator on large machines with different, it is used in the lawn and driveway. Most of the time you are not likely to check steel track closely like checking the wear of rubber track check steel track. The extent of corrosion critical examination also includes checking the battery, and checking the radiator fluid and oil, and there is no obvious leakage around the engine. Much more attention should be paid to plate repair excess. Used excavator may have some scratches and dents on the machine, but if there are too many patches may mean that the equipment has been used for a very long time. Check the air filter and all pipes and pipe clamp. There is a little dust easily result in destroying the entire engine. Pay attention to the accumulation of dust or dirt terminal. Also checking the fan belt is to ensure that the tensioning state, checking the radiator is to ensure clean. Neglecting cooling system and air intake system is likely to cause the engine to overheat and shorten the service life of the machine

Open the engine cover and check whether there are signs of smoke exhaust pipe. You can pull out the dipstick and see if there is smoke. Smoking too much usually indicates the need to replace the piston rings, cutting plate machine, and may soon to overhaul the engine.

Finally, drive operational check carefully check there is no crack and welding traces of non-original manufacture of the excavator, these things shows that the machine has been excessive use. Don't blindly diagram used excavator cheap to buy, so that you would not buy a good used excavator, you can refer to my company's Excavator price table to compare.

In the purchase of used excavator ago if you can do the above points so you can get ideal used excavator.

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