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How to Handle the Water Temperature of Used Excavator?

Tags: Used Sumitomo Excavators for sale micro excavators for sale2013-11-18

Due to the poor air conditioning system, the water temperature of used excavator may get too high and lead to series of consequences. Operators should have the ability to inspect and eliminate the problems immediately. They need to be aware of that too much or too little freezing medium will both undermine the refrigeration effects. The common problems are present as too high pressure in air conditioning system, too much lubricating oil, the blockage of condenser, etc. All the problems mentioned above problems will increase the load of engines and decline the heat dissipation of cooling system.

To control the temperature, it is recommended to check whether there is too much dust between the water tank and condenser. The high pressure gas can be used to remove the dust completely. The condenser can insure the heat dispersion. And the cleanness is essential to retain the proper function of condenser. Before cleaning, operators need to turn off the excavator and choose the suitable tools.

If the water temperature gets too high, the idling of the machine is not stable and the machine will create weird noise. During the repair, operators can estimate the temperature difference between the top pipe and bottom pipe installed on water tank. If the difference is too large, the operators need to check whether the thermostat and water pump is functioning properly. And the associated solution should be applied to handle different problems.

After turning on the excavator, operators can check the working condition of the backwater pipes. It the water can not return smoothly or get blocked, the water temperature will rise. The operators are not recommended to disassemble and replace the devices of excavators blindly. The proper maintenance and repair helps too reduce the expense and improve the consequence.

Due to the improper addition or replacement of of anti-freezing solution, the water tank and the water pipe of used excavator will be blocked earlier. To solve this problem, the anti-freezing solution should be replaced every two years. And at the same time, the original accessories should be used during the replacement or addition. To repair the other problems, you can find the opposite solution at:

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