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Why Is It Difficult to Turn Excavator?

Tags: used komatsu excavators for sale 5 ton excavator for sale2013-11-15

While it is hard to turn an used excavator, the professional operator is capable of inspecting the reason and offer the solutions. According to the working principle of steering system, there are various methods to check and eliminate the problems.

The operator needs to check whether the hydraumatic steering system has leakage. Due to the leakage, the pressure will be undermined and the motor used for turning can not work stably. As a consequence, the excavators is hard to turn or even impossible to turn. The main reason for the leakage can be caused by the unproper connection of the fuel pipe union, poor sealing condition and broken pipes. While the leakage is found, the operator should repair it as soon as possible.

And then the operator can check the quantity and quality of the hydraulic oil. These factors can impact the performance of steering system directly. Due to the lack of hydraulic oil, the turning movement of the excavator will be slow. The solution is to add oil to the standardized level. And while the hydraulic oil contains pollutants, the oil system can not work properly. The operators should check the hydraulic oil system properly and carefully. And whenever the operator find pollutants, the oil should be replaced and the entire hydraulic system should be cleaned.

The next step is to check whether there is air entering the hydraulic steering system. Even there is little amount of air entering the system, it will lead to a tremendous impact. In order to find out this problem, the operator needs to start the motor and check the oil tank while turning the excavator. If there are bubbles existing in the tank, it means the air has entered the hydraulic system.

And in the end, the operator need to check the steering gear. While it is worn seriously, the oil that enters steering cylinder will be reduced. Consequently, the used excavator will be hard to turn. Once it has been found that the problem is caused by the steering gear, it should be handled without delay. If you find other problems about the excavator and you do not know how to solve them, you can find the solution at:

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