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Solutions of Used Excavators Trading Problem Offered by Caterpillar

Tags: long reach excavators for sale used hitachi excavators for sale2013-11-14

With the rise of domestic infrastructure construction, excavators have become one of   the mainstreams of engineering machinery products, and used excavators for its' outstanding diversity of the economic effects also recognized by the majority of users. Therefore, China also gave birth to a number of important usedexcavator market. The growth of used -excavator market facilitates users to buy equipment, but there also many problems emerged. many users complained that some used-excavator purchased on the market, the appearance is very beautiful, but often out of order. And the spontaneous- formed secondary market management within the folk is very chaotic and reputation can not be guaranteed . In short, the user can not grasp the full market information, and can not make the right choice.

As a global leader in construction machinery industry brand, Caterpillar excavator has been very mature in certification ,sales and service, and its used- excavator operator certification processes and development of the concept are all walking in the forefront of the industry.

Generally speaking, Caterpillar's excavators mainly from two sources . The first is called "Cat ? (Carter) agents turn out leasing fleet equipment" refers to the recovered Cat excavators from rental shop, the second is obtained through a trade-in used Cat excavators. Through this service, users can exchange a new Cat excavator with own second-hand excavator (Any Brand), so not only can ensure that users can buy the latest and most efficient equipment, but also can help users deal with their old machine to maintain their greatest possible interest.

To ensure the quality of Used Cat excavators,Caterpillar will have high-quality used Cat excavators CCUE (CAT Certified Used Equipment)certificated.CCUE is specially formulated for Used Cat excavator certification system for quality inspection. Only  in good condition, meet a number of criteria used Cat excavators  can eventually  attain quality certification.It is worth mentioning that users who purchase Certified Used Cat excavator,can enjoy the hydraulic and power transmission and other critical systems at least three- months warranty period.

All along, Caterpillar is unswervingly carrying out the mission of "sustainable development" in excavator business, accurate and transparent assessment report eradicate used excavators' "look trap"problem, agents accessories marketing network throughout the country reduced the cost for users and improve the work efficiency. Caterpillar provides users with a well-established and most valuable trading solutions of used excavators make used excavators regain their value displayed.

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