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A Resource-Saving Giant Hand-Used Excavator

Tags: used kobelco excavators for sale hydraulic excavators for sale2013-11-13

With the development of engineering missionary  market, a large number of new joint venture excavators coming into being. The capacity of engineering party has becoming more and more lower, which directly leads to that more and more excavators working about 6000 hours begin coming into used market. Therefore, many brand agents and clients pay more and more attention to used excavators.

Used excavators are one of the main means of production, they are the inevitable outcome of economy development. As an resource-saving model, used excavators have played a very  important role in the construction and exploitation of country economy.Chinese industry of used excavators developed rapidly in the 1990s.They have not only saved lots of natural resources and human resources, but also played a unforgetable  role in our economy exploitation.They have giant figure, just like a monster 's hand, but they are really human's resourece-saving friends.

As our good friends, then how can we get them? Now there are three main source to get used excavators :from import devices, from native joint venture assembly and from native excavators and so on .And the price of used excavator depends on the rise and down of market price, work time, quality,and free consultation.In the used excavators, DouShan Dh220LC-7 is the best selling .If you want to get a used excavator, you can buy one of that type.

However, if you want to get the best and the most suited one, you can follow the tips I put forward for you .

1.Check the number of oil tubing changed, the less the better.

2.Whether the engine leak oil or not,whether it has lots of black smoke when it works, whether its voice is normal or not.

3.Check the strength of pump, whether the voice of pump change or not when engine works.

4.Look at the chain and link plate .

5.Check whether the turntable works well or not.

6.Check whether there are some scar in the oil cylinder.

These tips are practical, but it also need some experiences of operating excavators.If you are completely a new buyer, you'd better ask a man of experience for help .

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