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Top Tips of Operating Used Excavator Correctly

Tags: used kobelco excavators for sale used excavator attachments2013-11-12

Want to operate used excavator correctly? Many aspects should be considered then. The operation, excavating method, mining, slope leveling operations are all important to master. When it comes to the operation, you should make sure the machine is in a good condition, so the checking should be done before running it.

In the common sense, rotation operations on the surrounding obstacles, terrain for safe operation to confirm the direction of the front and rear of the crawler to avoid tipping or impact. And try not to make the final drive to the face of mining direction. When it comes to effective excavating method, 90 degrees to the bucket cylinder and linkage. Engine should be super to provide strong force power. Boom, bucket, arm should work together.

We know that when bucket digging the rock, the machine would be damaged at some degree. So, you should avoid. If it must be excavated, bucket teeth are supposed to be based on the rock of crack direction to adjust the position of the body, so that the bucket smoothly shovel into the excavation. And if the machine is in a slope station, you should operate it correctly too. Flat trim should be the machine on the ground to prevent the body to shake, to make the excavator boom and dipper stick of motor coordination. At this situation, the used excavator speed should be controlled well.

If you use used Hitachi excavators for loading, the body should be in the horizontal position, otherwise it is difficult to control accurately for rotation. Excavator body and trucks are supposed to maintain a proper distance to prevent the body tail and truck collide. For a high efficiency, it is necessary to correctly control the angle of rotation. During the operation, pay attention to the soil loose situation in soft soil. Pay attention to the body when it works in the water. Careful operating is needed.

Choose a skilled operator to operate the excavator for construction and building work. You should consider all the safety aspects and make them work effectively. In the market, there are many suppliers and manufacturers available that if you want to choose qualified one, you should know which supplier is good. To save time and make it more reliable, you are suggested to visit

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