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What to Consider When Choosing Right Mini Used Excavator for Your Project?

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To choose mini used excavator, you are supposed to know more related information and knowledge. There are different aspects involved during the process. You should keep your eyey open to the details and know what are the performance should be ensured. The excavators have been important equipment that we have duty to operate it in a safe and reliable way.

bucket and boom
Having mentioned for more than one time that the bucket and boom are important equipments that need to be considered and checked carefully. When it is used for digging, piling, crushing and walking devices, the bucket will make great effect. There is also a significant part the bucket cylinder connecting pin, bushings, be sure to check the tightness of these places. The long boom will also make the efficiency high. Pay attention to the used excavator construction prevention during the working process and maintenance, inspection should be done regularly.

Engine cover
Engine can provide strong horse power to excavator. You can open the engine cover and check the exhaust pipe for signs of smoke. You are told to pull out the dipstick and see whether there is smoke. If there is too much smoke, you should replace the piston rings but may not be long before the engine will overhaul. Besides, you need to check the air filter until and all pipe and tube clip. When there is oil spill, it means that the entire oil line contaminated. And to check the hydraulic cylinder and tubing is very important to ensure a good working condition.

Excavator operating check
After engine warm start, the used Komatsu excavators or other types machines should be tilted so that side of the track along standing. The engine crawler travel device is a built-in flow meter, if they do not have the same flow, then there is a problem. Another way to detect the way on the plains driving excavator to run then meters, if you are running a straight line, you can know both sides of the walking device as good health. It is also the same situation to check the slewing ring and slewing bearings.

For a better and right type mini used excavator, the professional knowledge is necessary. Other aspects such as radiator fluid, engine oil, battery corrosion degree are all important. More detailed information, you are supposed to visit a professional website like It is a leading supplier and also a reliable supplier for you.

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