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Using Used Volvo excavators to Remove Stumps

Tags: available used excavator good used excavator used excavator for sale2013-10-11

We need to remove the stumps when we deal with the remnants of a large tree. In this case,it is very necessary for us to choose a good tool. If you use a shovel,you wil find that it is very difficult for you to finish this job. In fact,you can choose used excavators. There are different types of used excavators which you can choose,and used Volvo excavators are one of the most popular excavators brands which you can choose if you want to use your excavators for a long time.

Step one
You need to place your used Volvo excavators near the stump which you want to remove. Remember that you don't need to be too close, because you must dig a trench around the perimeter of the stump.

Step two
You need to dig the trench,which is a few feet away from the edge of the stump and around its perimeter. If the stump is much larger,you need to dig the trench further away. The more roots you can expose by digging away from the stump, the easier it will be to pull the stump out of the ground. Then, if it is necessary,you can move your used Volvo excavators, in order to dig the trench all the way around the perimeter of the stump.

Step three
You need to move this stump by bracing the bucket against the stump and pushing ,and it is also OK by hooking the edge of the bucket beneath exposed stump. With the edge of the bucket beneath the stump, you can try to lift or pry the stump loose. A large or especially stubborn stump may not budge at first.

Step four
You need to go on digging the stump,if the stump is not noticeably loose. Use the bucket of the used Volvo excavators to cut through any roots that get in the way. If you a need,you can get off the used Volvo excavators and apply a large landscape bar to cut through the roots and pry beneath the stump.

Step five
You can hook the edge of your used Volvo excavator's bucket under the stump once again. With the edge of the bucket beneath the stump, you should can lift the bucket and scoop the stump out of the hole. If necessary, you can also lash a chain around the stump and attach it to the bucket of the excavator in order to lift the stump out of the ground.

Last step
You need to haul the stump away or use your used Volvo excavator to dig a large hole where to bury the stump. Then,you need to use the used Volvo excavator to refill the stump hole with soil.

Used Volvo excavator indeed should be use while removing stumps more easily. Of course,used Volvo excavator can be used in a lot of fields. If you want to buy high quality used Volvo excavator with affordable price,you can visit

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