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Common Types of Used Excavator Bucket

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Which is one of the most important used excavator attachments? Beyond all question,used excavator bucket. Indeed,used excavator buckets can be used dig,rock,and building materials in a lot of fields,such as construction projects, demolition sites and at recycling centers. While buying used excavator buckets,we need to learn
commom types of used excavator bucket.

Ditch bucket can be found in a lot of fields. This kind of excavator buckets are shallow and compact for work in confined space. Buckets feature drainage holes and a no-teeth, flat front. Ditch bucket can be divided into trapezoid bucket and hydraulic tilt bucket. The trapezoid bucket slopes a ditch to a specific depth in one pass. And hydraulic tilt bucket provides automatic adjustment to slope angles.

Then,it is rock bucket. The features of this kind of bucket is that the thickest reinforcing wear plates and wear strips available to extend bucket life. Some of rock buckets have ripper shanks and staggered teeth to cut through rock and dig simultaneously.

Third,GP bucket. Full name of GP bucket is general purpose buckets. This kind of bucket comes with bucket teeth or in a no-teeth, smooth edge style. GP buckets excel at digging and trenching soft to medium materials such as gravel and dirt. The largest GP bucket for a standard, 20- to 22-metric ton unit has a 1.5 cubic-yard capacity.

Fourth,Heavy-duty buckets. This kind of buckets have straight sides to reduce packing and speed up the load-dump cycle. And the teeth on heavy-duty buckets must stand up to abrasive conditions.

In order to meet customer's needs,Shanghai Jiangchun also offers application-specific buckets according to your different needs. So no matter what kind of used excavator buckets which you want to buy,you can browse ,which is one of the most professional used excavator website in China.

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