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The Basic Informaton of Excavator Parts

Tags: qualified used excavator construction used excavator used excavator Cat2013-10-10

Excavators plays an important role in the constructon equipment industry. With the rapid development of construction industry,the demand of used excavator is also very larger. While using excavator,there is no doubt that we need to use some excavator parts. Today,we will talk about some common excavator parts which we need to learn.

First,house. The house sits on a pivot above the undercarriage. The pivot allows it to rotate 360 degrees. The engine, cab and the boom are all mounted on the house.

Second,cab. Cab is very important for excavator operator. We know that excavator operator works all day while running the excavator, so the comfort is important. Modern excavators can be equipped with tightly sealed cabins for noise and dust control, heated seats, ergonomic controls and other amenities.

Third,boom,which is a large hydraulically-articulated arm. And excavator operato fits different tools to the arm according to the job. These tools include buckets, claws, thumbs, jackhammers, grapples, compaction wheels, tree shears and other tools specific to certain industries.

Fourth,backfill blade,which is a rear-mounted bulldozer-type blade. Backfill blade is used for the same purposes as on a bulldozer and adds some versatility to the excavator. It may also be used to stabilize the excavator when needed.

Last,undercarriage . And you should know that undercarriage of an excavator must support the weight of the machine, provide traction on unstable surfaces such as mud and allow the machine to move. Variations include the amphibious swamp buggy pontoon-style undercarriage or the use of rubber tracks on small excavators.

Please pay more attention on these important excavator part,and you should make sure that these excavator parts are best and have high quality. Want to find more excavator part information,you can visit

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