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How to Operate Used Kobelco Excavator

Tags: maintain used excavator original used excavator excellent used excavator2013-10-09

We know that there are different brands of used excavators which we can choose in the market,and Kobelco is one of the most famous used excavators brands in the world. Operators need to know how to operate this kind of used excavators in the right way. Today,we talk about the operation of used Kobelco excavators. Details as follow:

To begin with,you need to control the dozer blade. Lower the left-hand controls into position and put on the safety belt. Then you need to control the bulldozer blade at the far right. You can move the blade up and down. Pulling back the blade will make it go up, and pushing the blade forward will make the blade go down. Position the blade hard into the ground for stability before you start excavating.

Second,you need to control the left joystick and tilt the wrist to the left to rotate the cab and bucket toward the left. Push it to the right and it rotates the cab and bucket to the right. It also will raise and lower the boom. Control the right joystick and push it forward to tilt the bucket out. Pushing backward will tilt the bucket in. To scoop, tilt it toward you and the bucket curls in. Tilt it away from you and the bucket curls away.

Third,you need to start to dig a hole and practice the controls to develop coordination in digging and putting the dirt anywhere. You should keep in mind that practice is very important and it will make the operation easier and smooth.

Last,you also need to practice refilling the hole by using the bucket. Then you can use your used Kobelco excavator more easily.

All in all,you should know that it is very necessary for you to learn more information of used Kobelco excavator,if you want to operator your used excavators more easily. Want to find more information of different types of excavators,you can pay attention to Shanghai Jiangchun. Thanks for reading!

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