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Repairing Used Excavators in the Right Way

Tags: rent used excavator buy used excavator excavator bucket2013-10-09

The demand of used excavators are indeed very large,and excavators can be widely used in the construction fields. In order to use our used excavators for a long time,we know that we need to learn how to repair our excavators. Before repairing excavators,you need to prepare hydraulic jacks,blocks,socket wrench,allen wrench, 3/32 inch,grease gun and pry bar. Now,let's start our job.

Step one

You need to locate the track tension device and access plate on your used excavator. You should know that each used excavator has a chassis system located in a different place according to its type and model.

Step two

You need to raise the used excavator from the ground at least 6 inches with the use of hydaulic jacks. Then,you can place the crane and bucket against the ground to keep the machine steady as you slide blocks underneath. You need to make sure that the entire used excavator is stable on the blocks and jacks before making repairs.

Step three

You need to remove the tension cover plate from the track frame if your used excavator has one. Place the socket wrench against the grease zerk and remove slowly. Insert the Allen wrench into the hole and push on the check ball inside. Press a foot against the rubber track to loosen the tension and retract the tension/idler wheel.

Step four

You can pull off the rubber track and place the new track over the drive wheel sprocket with the metal links fitting into the sprocket teeth. Then,you can slide the rubber track over the tension/idler wheel with the use of the pry bar. Then,you need push the bottom of the track with your foot until the metal links straddle the wheel.

Step five

You need to reinsert the grease zirk into the track tension frame and pump grease into the zirk with a grease gun. You need to stop applying grease when the track frame sags 3 inches.

Step six

Now,you can start the used excavator and place the engine on idle. You need to rotate the track in both directions for several turns with the control lever for the rubber track and turn off the engine and check the sag. Then,you need to go on rotating the track if the sag is more than 3 inches. You can secure the tension cover plate when the track sag remains at 3 inches. Take out the blocks and lower the hydraulic jacks until the used excavator is on the ground. Then,you can finish your work.

When you repair your used excavators,you will find that it is not difficult. And we can benefit from repairing our excavators,due to emergency repairs are needed to get the machine working again. Want to learn more information of used excavators,you can visit

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