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Used Hitachi Excavators Specs

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We know that used excavators are very popular these days,and there are different types of used excavators available in the market,such as used Hitachi excavators,used Sumitomo excavators,used Volvo excavators and so on. Today,we talk about used Hitachi excavators.

There are two types of used Hitachi excavators which we can choose,and they are Hitachi's ZX850LC-3 excavators and Hitachi ZX120-3 excavators. There are different specifications of two types of excavators which we need to know if we want to buy used Hitachi excavators,as following:

First of all,weight specifications

Used Hitachi's ZX850LC-3 excavators weigh over 60,000 lbs without any front attachments, extensions or counterweights. Counterweights and attachments can add several tons to this excavator's total weight. Used Hitachi ZX120-3 excavators with the 20-inch rubber crawler pad that have not been fitted with a front blade weigh 27,117 lbs., while models with the same crawler pad that have been fitted with a front blade weigh 29,321 lbs.

Second,engine specifications

Used Hitachi's ZX850LC-3 excavators feature an Isuzu model AH-6WG1XYSA-03, six-cylinder, 532-horsepower engine. This turbocharged engine offers a 957 cubic-inch displacement. And used ZX120-3 Hitachi excavator is fitted with an Isuzu model 4JJLX engine. This four-cylinder engine offers a maximum power output in the range of 93 horsepower. The piston displacement on this Isuzu engine is 184 cubic inches,which is a turbocharged, air-cooled engine.

Third,capacity specifications

The main hydraulic pumps on Used Hitachi's ZX850LC-3 excavators pump fluid at a 139 gallon-per-minute rate. The hydraulic system in this excavator can hold 137.5 total gallons of hydraulic fluid and the fuel tank can hold 296 gallons of fuel. The main hydraulic pump on the used ZX120-3 Hitachi excavator pumps hydraulic fluids at a rate of 27.7 gallons per minute. The entire hydraulic system holds a maximum of 35 gallons of hydraulic fluid. The fuel tank can hold a total of 66 gallons of fuel.

Fourth,spend and power specifications

Used Hitachi's ZX850LC-3 excavators models feature twin, 12-volt batteries and are fitted with a standard 29,321-lb. counterweight. They can travel at a rate of 1.9 mph in low gear and 2.5 mph in high gear. The automatic transmission system on the used ZX120-3 Hitachi excavator offers two gears, a high speed of 3.4 mph and a low speed of 2.1 mph. These excavators are fitted with twin 12-volt batteries, a 50-amp alternator and a 5,512-lb. counterweight.

Last,dimensions specifications

Used Hitachi's ZX850LC-3 excavators are between 15 feet and 18 feet, 6 inches tall and between 48 feet, 6 inches and 48 feet, 8 inches according to the arm attached. Maximum reach and dig depth differ among Used Hitachi's ZX850LC-3 excavators models. According to the model, they can reach to between 40 feet, 6 inches and 52 feet, 2 inches and dig to a depth of between 23 feet, 5 inches and 29 feet, 1 inch. The used ZX120-3 Hitachi excavator was designed to a length of 25 feet, 4 inches. This excavator is 8 feet, 10 inches tall from the ground to the top of the cab. Models fitted with the shorter arm offer a 27-foot, 4-inch maximum reach, while models fitted with the longer arm attachment offer a maximum reach of 28 feet, 10 inches. Short-arm models can dig to a maximum depth of 18 feet, 3 inches. Models featuring the longer arm can dig to a maximum depth of 19 feet, 11 inches. These excavators offer a 9-foot, 2-inch ground track length and a 17-inch ground clearance. Models of this excavator can be fitted with 20-inch, 24-inch or 28-inch front blades. Maximum cutting height achievable with this excavator is 28 feet, 1 inch.

Indeed,so many specifications which we need to learn if we want to have more understanding about our used Hitachi excavators. If you are looking for high quality Hitachi Excavators in the most affordable price,you can visit ,which is a professional used excavators in  China. And no matter what kind of information you want to find about excavators,you can find them on the website. Thanks for reading!

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