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More Information of Used Caterpillar Excavator Specifications

Tags: cheap excavators for sale 2nd hand excavators sale Find good excavator2013-10-08

More and more people are interested in used excavators,and these excavators are affordable and high quality. When we choose used excavators,we also need to pay more attention on brands. And caterpillar is one of the most popular excavators brands,and a lot of people want to choose this kind of used excavators. Before we buy used caterpillar excavators,we need to learn their specifications carefully.

First of all,let's talk about bucket capacity. The bucket on the used caterpillar 330BL excavator was constructed with a 3.5 cubic yard load capacity. Used caterpillar's 320CL excavator offers a bucket with the capacity to hold a 1.75 cubic yard load.

 there are a lot of different kinds of diesel engines which are used in caterpillar excavators. The caterpillar engine in the 315CL excavator offers 110 horsepower. The 330BL excavator features a Caterpillar engine offering 222 horsepower.

Third,we will learn the weight of used caterpillar excavators. Caterpillar's 320CL excavator weighs 46,299 lbs and a caterpillar 315CL weighs 36,930 lb. Caterpillar's  330BL excavator by Caterpillar weighs 73,880 lbs.

Last,we will talk about digging depth of used caterpillar excavators. There are also a number of digging depth available when we choose used caterpillar excavators. . In general,a 320 CL Caterpillar excavator can dig to a depth of around 22 feet and the 315CL excavator can dig to a depth of 18.8 feet.

If you want to buy high quality used caterpillar excavators,you can pay more attention on ,which is a professional website and sell different brands of used excavators for our customers from all over the world.

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