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It Is Necessary to Replace Used Excavators Rubber Tracks

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You are advised to know how to replace used excavator rubber tracks. They are very important to the whole working process. With the development of our society and technology, the excavator has been updated to a higher level. The requirements of maintenance are increasingly more that you should pay attention to all of the aspects. The rubber tracks can provide excellent flotation for all the construction and other normal works.

In the market, there are many types of excavators available, such as used Kobelco excavators, Komatsu excavators and others. All of the wheeled excavators are equipped with durable and important rubber tracks. Having mentioned that they can provide good flotation and traction in soft or wet conditions. They can be used on asphalt driveways and roadways where steel tracks are very aggressive and would cause damage. When we use the track excavators, big benefits can be gained. So you are told to replace it often and correctly.

There are ways for you to remember. At first, you need to find the grease zerk on the hydraulic piston, which can hold tension on the track. Then make the bucket rotated to the side of the machine, which needs to replace the track. Let the bucket and boom push down in order to lift that side of the excavator. You need to place heavy duty jack stands underneath the excavator. Then unscrew the grease zerk with a socket and socket wrench and allow the grease to ooze out.

The piston will slowly retract, allowing the rubber track to be removed. To insert a lever into the space between the track and the frame and work the track off the idler. The next step is to pull the track away from the machine and properly dispose of it. When it comes to the installation, move the replacement rubber track to the excavator's drive sprocket. Find the position then. You need to push the opposite side of the track onto the idler and then use a lever to life the inside metal rail onto the groove in the idler. Insert grease into the grease zerk and remove the jack stands, then lower the excavator.

If you want to replace used excavator rubber tracks, you need to consider the above correct ways. It is a job should be done correctly to maintain a normal working condition. No matter they are used track excavators, wheeled excavators, you can realize your purpose of digging and excavation. To maintain the machine well, you should do the regular check and test. More information can be available as well in the website:

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