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The notes of using the used excavators

Tags: used excavators for sale in uk used excavator sales second hand digger2013-09-28

1,Before starting,check all parts of the fastening connection carefully,especially the fan belt.

Then check the quality and quantity of diesel oil.Whether or not the battery connecting wire is firm , the electrolyte level(whic should be higher than the plate about 12 - 15mm) as well as the control handle's position( it should be in the middle position).

2,Before the operation,the engineshould send a signal.

3,When start to opprate,the first time to press the start button,you shall not exceed 10S, the second should be more than lmin.If it still doesn't work,you shall get down to check.

4,When the temperature is low,it needs to be preheated.

5,When add the oil, please be strictly.

6,A detailed understanding of the construction tasks and site conditions.

7,Prohibit any person stranded in the excavator work area.

8,There should have access roads in and out of the excavator working area.

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