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How to Remove Stumps With Used Excavator?

Tags: used excavator equipment Excavator equipment hydraulic excavator2013-09-27

With the advanced technology, the trees are easy to be cut down nowadays. But when it comes to dealing with the remnants of the large trees, the stumps are not easy to remove. In order to ease the difficulty, a lot of heavy equipments are invented. For example, the used excavator could be used to accomplish the seemingly impossible task - remove the huge stumps. If you choose to remove the stumps by hands, you would be tired before the job is accomplished. In comparison, the heavy equipment could reduce the manpower, but you should take the safety precautions into consideration.

In order to remove the stumps with excavator, you need to know the right methods. At the very beginning, you need to drive the machine to the place near the stump. You should leave a distance between the stump and the machine. The you need to dig a round trench abound the stump. If the stump is too large and the root system is too extensive, the circle should be much larger. In order to dig the round trench, the excavator would have to be move around the stump. The more roots you digged out, there would be less strength between the stump and the ground. As a result, it would be much easier for you to remove it.

In an attempt to remove the stump, you could place the bucket under the exposed parts of the stump. Raise the bucket and if the stumps stay stable, you could try a little harder. If it still does not budge, you need to keep on digging to loose the connection. Cut all the roots which are exposed with the bucket. If you are not professional, you could get out the machine and try to use saw to eliminate the large roots.

And then you could try to remove the stumps with used excavator again. In addition to scooping the stump, you could try to connect the stump with the bucket by a chain. While lifting the bucket, the stump would be removed as well. And in the end, remember to backfill the trench and haul the stump away. You should not try to use the excavator just after the rain. The heavy machine would destroy the wet ground. So you should better wait few days to let the ground dry. In addition, the removed stump should be disposed properly. There are different types of machine you could choose, both the used track excavators and wheeled machines are available.

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