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How to Replace the Track of Used Excavator?

Tags: used excavators for sale in australia used volvo excavators for sale2013-08-28

If you work at the construction site frequently, you would be familiar with use excavator. And from the structure, you would distinguish the used track excavator from the wheeled type. Generally speaking, the track of used excavators are not easy to damage. The track would be worn over time and you would have to replace it one day.

There are some tools you need to prepare. The new track is essential and other tools are important as well to make the task easier, such as wooden blocks, pry bar and grease gun. You could purchase these items from your local hardware store or on the internet. Then you could begin to replace the track. Raise the side which needs to replace track with the bucket of the machine. The bucket could hold on the ground and the machine itself would be raised off the ground. Place a wooden blocks under the machine.

The next thing you need to do is take offer the grease fitting. Located the grease fittings and use the wrench to rotate them. Once the grease fittings have been removed, the entire track would not be difficult to be replaced. Use the pry bar to remove the old track and mount the new one on the machine. Then you could put the grease back to its original position and make sure that the connection is tight enough.

In order to enhance the tension of the new track, you could feed fresh grease into the grease fittings of the used excavator. Then you could use the bucket to raise the machine again and remove the blocks under it. It is obviously that the machine is designed with considerable weight. Thereby, you are not allowed to work beneath the used excavator. In order to insure your safety, you should better wear the protective shoes and insure the level surface could endure the weight of the machine.

While you have replaced the used track excavators, you could run the machine again. But before applying it to practical construction site, you should better inspect the quality of your task. All mistakes are forbidden and you should know that the safety of the operators are relying on the quality of the machine. So if you are not knowledgeable of the information of used excavator, you should better ask the professional workers to help you.

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