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To Choose Mini Excavator Surely Is a Good Choice

Tags: used excavator tips buy used excavator used mini excavator2013-02-04

There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. Used mini excavator is one of the most popular excavators among consumers. Mini excavator is the ideal tool for digging a hole or trench too large to dig by hand. And generally it is applied to the area where a larger excavator can't fit actually. It is easy to work with.

Although it is easy to work with, you are advised to use it carefully. Here are some tips for you actually. For example, you should move the excavator by pushing and pulling the two movement levers. Generally, the lever is used to control the treads actually. Each lever controls one tread. You can move the excavator forward and backward by pushing the levers forward and backward. If you want to turn left, you should push the right lever. And you should push the left lever if you want to turn right. Well, you should move the left control joystick to the left to move the digging arm to the left. Move the control joystick to the right if you want to move the arm to the right.

Generally speaking, you should push to left control stick out to move the claw arm out away from the excavator cab. In order to curl the digging bucket towards the excavator cab, you should move the right control stick to the left. While move it to the right, it is used to uncurl the bucket away from the cab. And if you want to rise the bucket, you should pull the right control stick toward you. On the contrary, push the right control stick away from you if you want to lower the bucket.

To dig into the ground by lowering the bucket. To scoop the dirt by curling the bucket back towards you. Move the bucket out over the dig site and angle it so that the claw is pointing towards the ground. If you want to reach your expected sizes and depths, you should repeat the above processes.

Finally, let's talk something about its parking. You'd better park your used mini excavator on level ground actually. And frankly speaking, Shanghai Jiangchun Trading is one of the leading suppliers of used excavator. We have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for our high quality and competitive price. To find more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our website:


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