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How Many Used Excavator Types?

Tags: excavator bucket used excavator type hire used excavator2013-01-29

As we have introduced in our previous articles, there are various kinds of used excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. And also, there are also different bucket types to meet different needs of the excavators. Bucket can be regarded one of the most important and popular attachments of used excavator, which is widely used in digging and carrying dirt, rock, or building materials of the construction projects and demolition sites and at recycling centers and so forth.

Generally speaking, different excavator buckets are designed to satisfy different kinds of buckets. The bucket has great influence on the function of excavator actually. Bucket selection affects the return a contractor gets on his six-figure investment in the excavator. What's more, the quality of the bucket will determine how well the excavators' digging and lifting power complete the construction work.

Excavator buckets are various actually. For example, there are mud buckets, rock buckets, frost and v-buckets and so forth. And they can be used in different working conditions actually. Taking the mud bucket for an example, it is easy to clean up and have diverse shapes. The mud buckets are not advised to be used for digging in hard or rocky soil since they have tiny capacity for breaking ground. On the contrary, they can be used for sloping, ditching or backfilling.

There are also the so-called V-bucket actually which can be used to save energy and improve the effectiveness of work. The tapered front of the excavator bucket can concentrate force in an unique way actually. It is the ideal choice for preparing ground for pipe-laying.

For the stiff ground with ice, you are advised to use the hardpan bucket or frost bucket. This kind of bucket may be more expensive than other excavator buckets actually. It can take substantial deterioration. The special function of the hardpan bucket is ripper teeth mounted to the back of the bucket can handle loosening compacted soil.

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