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Easy and Effective way to Identify the Used Excavator Parts

Tags: inspect excavator used excavator parts buy used excavator2013-01-28

There are various kinds of used excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection. As we all know that the quality of the used excavator differ greatly actually. We can't deny that there are some inferior suppliers and manufacturers of used excavator both at home and abroad. As to consumers or users, you are advised to choose the proper used excavator with the good parts actually. Well, do you know how to identify the parts of used excavators easily and effectively? Here we will give you a brief identification method.

Frankly speaking, excavator with pure parts can help reduce your operating costs and can have a longer lifespan actually. Here we will teach you how to identify the filter actually. Take the identification methods of pure air fiter excavator parts for an example. First of all, the pure air filter excavator external steel mesh pitch is uniform and brushed with white rust-proof paint actually. The counterfeit excavator parts are often just ordinary steel mesh, and steel plate hole is sparse. What's more, the internal steel mesh at the welding surface of the pure is very uniform and most of the counterfeit excavator spare parts using spot welding, overlapping steel mesh is longer and one side tilts. However, the inferior or fake products only has the similar appearance as the genuine products actually. In addition, the filter color of the pure excavator parts is milky white and with fine texture, the upper and lower lines are arranged in neat rows.

Next, let's talk about how to identify the genuine diesel filter excavator spare parts and counterfeit filter excavator spare parts. Generally, the bottom of the pure excavator spare parts is drilled uniform and the wire port is smooth. Drilling layout of counterfeit excavator spare parts is asymmetry and there are glitches in the wire port. And the exterior pure excavator parts is bright, clean and coated. But the fake products are dark in color. In addition, the filter paper head and tail of pure excavator parts is bonded with the metal clamp bands while the fake ones generally use staples or stitching. Knowing these can help you a lot when identifying the used excavator parts.

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