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How to Maintain Your Used Excavator

Tags: used excavator tips maintain used excavator2013-01-25

As we know, excavator has been widely used in construction areas to provide the corresponding functions. There are various kinds of excavators both in domestic and international markets for your selection, one of which is the used excavator. The used excavator is the excavator has been sold out when has been used for a period. Actually, many used excavator can still work well as the new one if you maintain or use it in a proper way. Frankly speaking, the used excavator should be maintained with your great care if you want it to provide the excellent working efficiency all the way and provide a longer lifespan.

In order to maintain the excavator, you are advised to choose the proper diesel oil in accordance with different environmental temperatures. Generally, you should be care when add oil since the diesel oil can't be mixed with impurities, dust and water. Otherwise, the fuel pump will be worn easily, let alone to maintain it. And it will do harm to the engine parts of excavators. Ensure that the fuel tank should be filled with fuel oil every day to prevent water-drop. What's more, different oil types can't be mixed together actually. You are also advised to pay attention to the filter element to prevent the filter oil entering into the interior of system to avoid some faults. The above factors are connected with the oil that is used to the excavators.

Then, you should use it with care, or you should place it in a safe place to avoid it from rust or damages. You are advised to place it in dried and cleaned room. Don't leave it without operating for a long time since some of its parts may lose function. You should ensure that the machine be operated every month to lubricate every moving component. You should check the parts of the excavator regularly.

Generally speaking, there are countless suppliers of the diesel oil or other things. You can choose it both from physical and online shops actually. In order to maintain your used excavator well, you are advised to seek help from the experienced operators of excavator who may have rich maintenance experience and techniques.

You are also advised to choose the reliable supplier of used excavator. Frankly speaking, Shanghai Jiangchun is one of the leading suppliers of the used excavator. We have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for our high quality and competitive price. To find more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our website:


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