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Change the Rubber Track of The Used Excavator Effectively and Easily

Tags: used excavator tips excavator specifications used excavator type2013-01-23

As we all know that the used excavator, though has been used before, has many advantages. And the used excavator has a broad market space both at home and abroad. As we all know that the rubber track is one of the important parts of excavator, and you are advised to have a look at our following parts to know how to change the excavator rubber track since tracks of excavator may get damaged after using it for long time. Generally, it can be done easily by yourself.

Generally, the steps may be very easy and simple. What should you do first is to prepare the materials or things that you will need. You need to prepare the new track, wooden blocks, pry bar, tube of grease, a grease gun, wrench and so forth. Ensure that all the things have been prepared in your work area before you starting work. Good preperation may save you a lot of time and money actually. Generally, such kind of things can be found easily both in physical stores and online shops.

Second, you should lift the used excavator to determine which track should be replaced. You should raise the side of the defective track off the ground with the use of the excavator bucket. You should ensure that the defective track remains raised when you release your hands from the mini excavator by asking someone else to place some blocks under the body of the machine.

Third, you should take the grease fitting off. The grease fitting generally is made of iron and has a size about half an inch in length. The shape of the grease fitting is like the end part of the baby's bottle. Use the wrench to rotate the object in a counterclockwise direction until it is totally detached from the body of your used excavator. Then you are advised to remove the old track and lace a new one. Use the pry bar to push the track idler back towards the middle part of the track. The bucket can be used as the alternative to the pray bar actually. Put back the grease fitting and return the grease fitting to its position and use wrench to tighten it in place actually.

Third, use the grease gun and the grease tubes to replace the lost grease. When you add the new grease, the track idler will return into its original position outside the track. Remove the blocks and lower the excavator to the ground.


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