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  • Advantages of Choosing Used Excavator?


    Nowadays, many people prefer to make purchase of used excavator. Because used can bring them a lot of advantages that new excavator cannot. Many famous manufactures can provide you the good performance parameter equipment to their most, and low your cost and operation cost to the least. Many used excavator manufactures produ...

  • Teach you to work a Mini used Excavator


    Mini used excavators were thought dolls by heavy tool working men a few decades ago when many mini used excavator were first introduced, but they have earned the good respect of working practical entrepreneurs and site work good enough with their ease of operation, small step, cheap money, and precise work. Good for homeow...

  • To Buy A Good Used Excavator


    What can let you time and money to be save, An excavating machine ,you know, it's Used Excavator—just the first investment. To dig, to move many stones or many trees, or removing stumps of many trees can be done far more good enough and cheaper than trying to do it by people. According to the place to buy, the used...

  • How to Compare Mini Used Excavators


    Mini used excavators typically are applied in urban places for jobs such as landscaping and plumbing related. The phrase mini, or compact, used excavator suggests scaled-down, compact variations of the conventional used excavators applied in structure. Countless designs of mini used excavator are produced by organizations that ...

  • Mini-Used Excavator Specifications


    Mini used excavators can dig in little locationsMini used excavators are units applied for development assignments. These are also regarded as compact used excavators and are less pricy than their larger counterparts. Getting into account their effectiveness and potential, mini-used excavators are now also becoming applied for pow...

  • The Content Of The Regular Maintenance Of Used Excavator


    Firstly, the used excavator should change the fuel filter and the additional fuel filter after working 250 hours, checking the gap between the engines. Such as daily maintenance, checking and tightening the crawler plate bolts, cleaning the internal cooling system and so on. Also checking and adjusting the crawler tensioning d...

  • Need an Excavator - Buy Used Excavator on Jiangchun


    Excavators are one of the major machineries of construction equipment industry. These heavy-duty machineries are used to drill shafts, dig foundations, grade, etc. They are almost omnipresent on construction sites, be it new work, additions, alterations and repairs. There's no doubt that excavators are one of the most essent...

  • The Common Faults Of Used Excavator


    Firstly is the cause of the "jump out". The used excavator on the W4-60 of variable speed drives mechanism of wear and tear. This kind of drive mechanism is depend on the sliding teeth set in a fixed gear set for axial movement, also driven gear meshed with the block to realize the shift. In the frequent process, the for...