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  • Daily Maintenance of Used Excavator


    In order to make sure the used excavator works efficiently, you need do daily maintenance to it. Used excavators are the main force of engineering machinery in the construction of earthwork, which have widely use, perfect function, big digging force, convenient operation, and so on, and are usually utilized in the base con...

  • Hitachi Excavator the King in the Market


    It is the advantages of the Hitanchi excavator that make it be the king of the market. From 1955, when Hitachi Excavator established as a key to the quick development of constructive machinery and took first step as a real factory of constructive machinery, till now, Hitachi Excavator has been facing us for more than 50 ye...

  • How Fantastic Volvo 360BL is!


    For the response to the urgent appeal for green and sustainable development, used excavator become more and more popular among people working on the construction. Volvo 360 BL used excavators are widely chosen thanks to its fantastic features. The safety of Volvo 360 BL is earnestly promised thanks to the core value of Volvo...

  • Hitachi Excavator Developing Steps


    Nowadays, with the quick development of modern society, especially improvement of construction, excavators play an extremely important role in the construction of society and used excavator become popular, for response to the urgent appeal for green and sustainable development. Focusing on great sale and huge profit of excavat...

  • The Significance and Market of Used Excavator


    As the new energy development and utilization, more represented by natural gas, solar energy and other new energy power is gradually promoting and application in all aspects of People's Daily life. Economic, security, environmental protection engineering machinery product applications, as well as technical requirements of th...

  • Ways of Maintaining Used Excavator


    Good maintenance of used excavator is very necessary and important. There are some main excavators parts need to be maintaining well. One is the battery. If the battery is low, it should be charged immediately so that it can supply the voltage to the regulated degree. If the battery is in bad contact because of burn-in...

  • Small Used Excavators in China See Bright Future in Global Market


    In the mid-1990s, the global demand for small used excavator remained at about 65,000 to 70,000 units per year. The production capacity of mini used excavators has been recognized by many mature markets (especially Europe and Japan), while companies from the huge North American market showed no interests in small used exca...

  • The Promising Prospect of Used Excavator?


    In recent years, used excavator is extensively welcomed by users for its great performance in fields like building construction. It even works on behalf of some heavy machinery. According to a report, prospect of used excavator in home will be bright. And within the economic developing of China, used Hitachi excavators indus...