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  • How to Prevent Injuries When Working With Used Excavators


    Do not permit employees to use the used excavator past the restrictions specified by the producer. Excavation sites can be very unsafe spots for the two the personnel and the basic community. Prior to you begin excavating, it's smart to fit up a short-term fence as this will support deter youngsters and creatures from ent...

  • How to Protect Used Excavator Windshields


    A used excavator windshield can be broken by result from dropping debris. A used excavator is a big digging appliance employed on development site that needs the piloting of an operator to purpose. The operator sits in the cab of the appliance that is situated on a rotating system. The operator controls an extended hydrauli...

  • Development Trend of Used Excavators


    All the time, the mainstream products of used excavator mainly concentrated in level of 20t and 30t. From 2005, small excavators present an increasing trend. Quantity of small excavators, like level of 10t, 5t and even smaller excavators have gradually close to or even more than quantity of big excavators. The reason mainl...

  • The Agent and Used Excavator


    For the agents of construction machinery, doing horizontal development, the most common way is to increase agency area or agent a new brand or new product series in a area. With the mature development of construction machinery industry, the space has become smaller and smaller. If doing cross-industry horizontal development,...

  • Market Analysis of Used Excavators in Shenzhen


    In 1998, a few people of Hong Kong took a fancy to the second-hand construction machinery leasing market of Shenzhen. They took a collection of used construction machinery such as excavators and bulldozers from Hong Kong to begin their construction machinery rental business. Then they changed their business model, from renta...

  • How to Evaluate Used Excavator


    We need to find new methods to evaluate used excavators.Construction machinery market is becoming more and more popular in recent years. As a lot of new joint-stock excavators are entering the Chinese market, the contractors are becoming more and more unacceptable to the old excavators. This causes more and more excavators ent...

  • Market Analysis of Used Excavators


    For the excavator users, especially users in the North, they will plan the construction project after the spring festival. A crucial question they have to face is choosing a suitable used excavator for themselves.In a general way, imported excavators are more fuel-efficient than homemade ones, original excavators are more fuel...

  • Details We Need to Know When to Buy Used Excavators


    Use excavators are easier to have a breakdown than new machines. If you don't know about excavators very well, being cheated is evitable. Here we will let you know the details you need to know when buying a used excavator. Firstly, if you want to buy a used excavator, you must invite an experienced person to help you c...