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  • The safe site when operating the used excavators


    Pedestrians must be segregated from the‘operational area' of the excavator and its transport routes; these routes should have good clear signage and appropriate traffic control measures. The use of hands-free mobile technology should be considered to maintain good communication at a safe distance with site management and/or slin...

  • Tips on How to Be an Excavator Operator


    Why there are special requirements for the operator. Because using excavators as cranes is a high risk activity and lifting is not the primary design function of these machines. Anumber of dangerous occurrences have recently occurred where chains, shackles or master links have either deformed or broken whilst loaded. Such inci...

  • The notes of using the used excavators


    1,Before starting,check all parts of the fastening connection carefully,especially the fan belt.Then check the quality and quantity of diesel oil.Whether or not the battery connecting wire is firm , the electrolyte level(whic should be higher than the plate about 12 - 15mm) as well as the control handle's position( it sh...

  • Shovel and Backhoe Used Excavators Comparison and Difference


    No matter it is shovel used excavator or backhoe used excavator, it is the heavy machine that make great influence on construction and building work. We know that there are diverse types and sizes excavators in the market. Such as used Cat excavators and mini excavators. All of them can be in different working condition or...

  • Information about used excavators(Introduction)


    Excavator consists of engine, hydraulic system, working device, a walking device and electric control parts.The used excavator's system comprises a hydraulic pump, control valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, pipeline, oil tank and so on.Electric control system includs control panel, engine control system, pump cont...

  • How to Learn to Run Used Excavator?


    Due to the rapid development of construction industry, there are amounts of jobs for excavator operators. If you are looking for the place to learn to run used excavator, you could try to go to heavy equipment school. With the proper training, you would get your license sooner and easier. If you have used the excavatin...

  • How to Repair Heavy Equipment?


    While the heavy equipment gets broken, you would have to repair them. Put aside the huge size, it is not so difficult to repair these machines. For example, the used excavator, which is used to excavate amounts of earth for the construction industry, could be repaired effectively. While operating the heavy machines, you ...

  • Use Excavating Machine to Dig Pond


    The used excavator is designed with amounts of functions, such as digging pond and trenches. These machines could be equipped with different attachments to work for different purposes. Due to the essential functions for construction projects, they are mostly seen at construction and mining site. With the help of the attachmen...