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  • Guidance of Choosing a Safe Excavator


    Before using an used excavator as a crane,a thorough risk assessment should be undertaken to determine whether alternative work processes could be used to avoid lifting operations or whether a different item of equipment would represent a safer choice.The operator has a duty to conduct maintenance and inspection at the start of ...

  • Operating Excavator Shears Properly to Make Your Work Easy


    The used excavator can't function without the function of all its components or parts actually. For example, excavator shear is one of the optional attachments for the excavator machine. These shears are actually very high-strength cutting jaws which can be mounted on the boom and stick in place of the bucket on an excavato...

  • Tips on How to Repair Used Excavator?


    There are various kinds of used excavators both in domestic and international markets. Well, some small problems when will happen and this is common when you use every machine. When it comes to repairing used excavator, you should check to identify the problem, study the repair process. You also should buy qualified parts o...

  • Brief Introduction to Hydraulic Excavator


    Hydraulic excavator is one of the popular machines that can be used in digging holes and trenches. It is equipped with hydraulically operated arm and bucket. The used excavator is the best choice for digging basements, ponds, ditches and so forth. There are also different kinds of excavators, like tracked hydraulic excavato...

  • What Are the Used Excavator Applications Currently?


    The used excavator applications are many to be found. The machine can save us much money and labor when used. According to the study that more used excavators are used, for the sake of advanced technology and Internet. When there is a construction and building, the excavators will certain be applied to dig. More applicatio...

  • Several Ways for You to Know Bucket Tooth Installation Process


    It is important for you to know the details of used excavator bucket tooth installation. In the process, you know, the entire tooth bar need to be replaced and removed in correct ways. With the development of our todays technology and society, the excavators are found in diverse types, such as used Caterpillar excavators,...

  • Mini Used Excavator Plays Great Role in Limited Construction Area


    Mini used excavator has a smaller size that can be more flexible than other types excavators, such as used Komatsu excavators and other in larger size. It is the technology and society that make it available in the market and popular among us. The mini excavators can be used for the areas, where large ones can not march ...

  • It Is Necessary to Replace Used Excavators Rubber Tracks


    You are advised to know how to replace used excavator rubber tracks. They are very important to the whole working process. With the development of our society and technology, the excavator has been updated to a higher level. The requirements of maintenance are increasingly more that you should pay attention to all of the a...