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  • Used Caterpillar 330 Excavator Specs


    We know that used excavators have different brands,and used caterpillar excavator is one of the most famous excavators all over the world. And used caterpillar excavators also includes different types,such as 320,330,303 and so on. Today,we will talk about used caterpillar 330 excavators. There are different types of used cate...

  • The Configuration of an Used Excavator or What Are the Parts of an Excavator?


    The UndercarriageThe undercarriage of an used excavator must support the weight of the machine, provide traction on unstable surfaces such as mud and allow the machine to move. Variations include the amphibious swamp buggy pontoon-style undercarriage or the use of rubber tracks on small excavators.Backfill BladeThe backfill blad...

  • The Means of Used excavators' Maintenance and How to Repair Excavators


    In order to maintain the used excavator, you need to maintain the it properly and you need to parepare suitable tools.Locate the track tension device and access plate on your excavator. Each excavator has a chassis system located in a different place based on its type and model.Raise the excavator from the ground at least ...

  • Some Ways to Solve the Calculation Problem of an Excavator Productivity or Calculation Method of a Excavator Productivity


    Understand the formula for calculating used excavator productivity. The formula is as follows: Q = (60*q*z*n*kef) / kl, Where Q is the productivity of the excavator, q is the capacity of each rotor bucket in cubic feet, z is the number of buckets on the wheel and n is the speed of rotation of the rotor, measured in r...

  • How to Run an Used Excavator and Excavators' Usages


    Use joysticks of the used excavator to control the bucket and the rotation of the cab of the machine. In the neutral position (the position that the joystick typically returns to when not in use), movement caused by each of the joysticks stops.Use the joystick on the right to control the scooping and make the boom go u...

  • Grading Used Excavator With Special Training and Experience


    You are supposed to grading used excavators in correct way. To obtain a good result, special training and experience is needed. Nowadays, there are so many excavators and heavy machines available that if you have a need, you are supposed to choose a right supplier. When it comes to the grading excavator, we can regard i...

  • Pay Attention to Used Excavator Shovel Parts During Working


    The used excavator shovel parts are making great effect on our construction work. They are necessary equipments for various activities. Different types, sizes and applications can be available when it comes to choosing the most suitable one. With the development of our society and technology, excavator shovels are more durab...

  • Apply Used Excavators to Serve Public Infrastructure Work


    To apply used excavator to the places of public infrastructure is a good solution. The excavator has the ability to serve well of the works. As we all know that the excavators are usually used for diverse constructions. It is a typical machine that used for the cycles of building, destroying and re-building. Nowadays, the ...