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  • The Main Applications of the Wheeled Excavators


    According to the statistics, the demand of wheeled excavators in western developed countries accounted for about 12% of the total demand, sometimes even up to 70 ~ 80%. Therefore, the applications of the wheeled used excavators in our country are needed to be extended. So to speak, in the next few years continuing to expan...

  • Why Are Volvo Excavators So Popular?


    Volvo excavators have been a pillar in excavator industry. People who just link its name to automobile will consider why Volvo excavators are so popular? Even its used excavators are playing important role in many engineering constructions. And that is what we are going to explore.As the largest industry enterprise in Sweden,...

  • How to Handle the Water Temperature of Used Excavator?


    Due to the poor air conditioning system, the water temperature of used excavator may get too high and lead to series of consequences. Operators should have the ability to inspect and eliminate the problems immediately. They need to be aware of that too much or too little freezing medium will both undermine the refrigeration ...

  • Why Are Sumitomo Excavators Superior to Other Common Used Excavators?


    Among those used excavators, those that manufactured by Sumitomo become the greatest winner. Why are Sumitomo excavators so popular? That is a problem worthy of exploring.Sumitomo excavators have been the best choice for many projects engineers. Even its used excavators are popular and used in many fields worldwide. So what ma...

  • Learn the Way to Run Excavator Perfectly


    An excavator is an essential heavy equipment at construction site. The operators must be skillful to run excavator. Talking about the used excavator, it needs to be maintained properly. The experienced operators should be able to master the skills mentioned below.It is necessary to determine the surrounding environment. While ...

  • How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Excavator?


    There are always some people complain of the efficiency of used excavator. They do not believe that the used machine can retain the same production rate as the new one. In fact, there are some ways to improve the production efficiency of excavator. If the contractors can master the knowledge to improve the efficiency, they...

  • Why Is It Difficult to Turn Excavator?


    While it is hard to turn an used excavator, the professional operator is capable of inspecting the reason and offer the solutions. According to the working principle of steering system, there are various methods to check and eliminate the problems.The operator needs to check whether the hydraumatic steering system has leakage....

  • How Do I Choose the Best Used Excavator?


    Why do people choose used excavator? The first thing to be taken into consideration is definitely the price! As a used one, the price will be lower than new or unused items. However, since it is used, the condition of it cannot be that satisfying compared with the new one. So in order to choose the best used excavator, o...