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  • Teach You How to Choose a High Quality Used Excavator


    A new excavator is rather expensive, the price of a new excavator can reach one million yuan or even more. As to a worker who wants to make fortune from this, it's a bit overwhelmed to afford for this. Fortunately, there are other choices- the used excavator. Compared with the price of a new excavator, a second-hand exca...

  • Will You Choose a Good Used Excavator?


    Excavators, also named excavating machinery, are such earthmoving machines using scoop to excavate materials higher or lower than machine surface and loading transport vehicles or discharging to the stocking yard. And the materials are mainly loose soil, coal, sediment, and the soil and rocks. Excavators develop relatively q...

  • Brief Introduction to Excavator Fuel Consumption


    Excavator machine, including used excavator, surely needs to consume fuel to function well. Excessive consumption will be a waste of energy or money. Waste has been regarded as a big problem. But the method is more than the problem. Through our efforts to explore, and finally found and summarized some of the tips to reduce...

  • Famous Excavator Brands in the World


    There are a large number of famous excavator (including used excavator) manufacturing brands around the world. As far as we know, Global top 10 brands are as follows.The first non Japanese KOMATSU. Komatsu Corporation was famous Engineering machinery manufacturers, founded in 1921, has been 80 years of history, with advanced ...

  • The Functions of the Used Excavators in Road Building


    Road building is one of the most common projects in engineering machinery. And excavators play an important role in it. Actually, its functions depend on where it is. Actually, the bulldozer plays a more important role in road building. However, take the cost into consideration, some areas replacing bulldozers with excav...

  • The Main Features of Foreign Wheeled Excavators


    Wheeled excavators, together with track excavators are the two major kinds of excavators. Because of the huge market of used excavators, the foreign wheeled excavators are becoming more and more popular due to its advanced technology. Thus, the major feature of foreign wheeled excavators is being explored.First, the hydraulic ...

  • Functions of Excavation Main Parts


    In the development of the main sectors of the national economy, earth work occupies a very important position. Earth work refers to a process of construction, including soil mining, transportation and accumulation to a designated place, sometimes also need to be smooth and compaction. Earth work is designed to build geotechnic...

  • Guidelines of Selecting Used Excavator


    At the first of place, Rubber crawler and chassis of the results you only see the rubber track wear, but did not see the sprocket wheel and roller plenty of wear. You can wear crack and edge check rubber tracks to estimate its usage, and rib height, like watching a tire wear when the attention of tire like grain.The seco...