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  • What Are Used Excavator Types According to Operation Modes?


    The used excavator types are more according to operation modes. So, we know, for a certain project, corresponding suitable machine should be chosen. This is what we should learn and consider. The basic operation modes of used excavator are: mizobata excavation, side ditch excavation, straight excavation, curve excavation, ul...

  • Functions of Excavator Bucket


    Excavator bucket is one of the main components of the excavator, it is in contact with the operating point directly during operation , a significant effect of force will produce. There are many types of excavator buckets, their respective role of the excavation work will be different, excavator bucket, is also called bucket,...

  • Introduction of Excavator Training for Users


    Today, our social need more and more excavators for the country's contribution, thus, many excavator training schools appearance, excavator training schools use a teaching method of combining the theory and practice, practical projects including trenching, backfilling, digging, leveling, slope repair, loading, up and low pla...

  • Safety Tips for Excavator Operators


    The excavator is widely used in the city's construction, it has lot of advantages, such as small volume, high efficiency, lower rent, a 20 tons used excavator only needs less than 20,000RMB per month, even the price of the 6 tons used excavator is just 200,000RMB. Excavator solved a lot of difficulties that manpower coul...

  • What Is the Job of Excavator Operators


    With the continuous progress of China's modernization, China's infrastructure construction has sprang up in every city, which increased the demand for excavators and other construction machinery. More and more relevant operator (driver) joined the group to rebuild our motherland; As a qualified excavator machine operator, we s...

  • The Main Applications of the Used Track Excavators


    The used track excavators, as a major type of used excavators, are attracting more and more attentions.Used track excavators, together with used wheeled excavators are the two major types in terms of the walking way of the used excavators. They are the dedicated mechanical equipment for mining and urban and rural construction...

  • How to Operate a Mini Excavator?


    The mini excavator not only has small volume, simple operation, high reliability, but also has a cheap rent, especially the used excavator. The mini excavator meet various operational requirements of the city , in the city, working space is always limited ,the mini excavator can maximize its production capacity within a ...

  • Something You Have to Know About Used Excavator


    It is unwise to think that used excavator is useless, because there are many different kinds of advantages of using used excavator. First is usage, we can make good use of them to accomplish earthwork excavation, loading, but also for land leveling, slope repair, lifting, crushing, demolition, trenching and other operations ...