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  • How to Buy Used Excavators


    There are a good variety of excavators! Prices are not the same, medium and small digging machine-made and imported as well, these are not the same. There are many kinds of second-hand excavator brand. Do you know how to buy used excavator? Foreign brands have komatsu, doosan, Hitachi, hyundai, god steel, etc. The indep...

  • Which Kind of Excavator Are the Most Popular?


    Excavators, also called mining machinery (excavating machinery), is a scoop mining above or below the bearing machine of material, and load transport vehicles or discharge to the stocking yard earthmoving machines. Excavator material is mainly after pre loose soil, coal, sediment, and the soil and rocks. From the point of th...

  • What Are the World Famous Excavator Brands?


    As one of the largest engineering machinery, excavators have been widely used in all kinds of construction situations and greatly improved the efficiency of construction. Frankly speaking, used excavator is also a perfect choice for users for price advantage. Needless to say, most friends have ever seen this kind of machin...

  • What Are Tips for Buying Used Excavator?


    With engineering machinery's high temperature dropping, many users turned purchase targets from the new machine market to the second-hand machine market. Compared to the new machine, the used excavator machine has the absolute advantages in terms of price, however, there are advantages and also disadvantages. More problems ex...

  • Professional Tips for Users of Used Excavator


    If you want to operate your used excavator machine well, you will need some tips from professional actually since the structure of excavator is not too simple. Now here come the professional tips for users of used excavator.1. Operating techniques: First, confirm the situation around. When turning operations, you should know...

  • What Are the Main Parts of Excavator?


    Excavator (including used excavator) now has become one of the main engineering machinery in engineering construction. Generally, transmission gear, operating gear, slewing gear, running gears are the main parts of an excavator. Looking from the exterior, the excavator consists of three parts --- the working device, the uppe...

  • Used Excavator Brings an Environmental Industrial


    Since the first hand-actuated excavator was invented, more than 130 years have passed like lightning. Excavators have changed from hand-actuated to full-automatic hydraulic in the world, while excavators have altered from single bucket excavators produced in the excavator factory of Fushun in 1954 into full hydraulic excavators...

  • Introduction on Excavator Type and Capacity


    Excavators have many types and models. There are a lot of ways to classify the excavator, such as: excavators can be divided into internal combustion engine excavators and electric drive excavators. According to the drive model, and the electric drive excavators are mainly used in electric excavator plateau hypoxia and undergr...