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  • The Highlights of The Komatsu Excavator PC 450-7


    The picture shows us a picture of used Komatsu excavator PC 450-7; it is a used hydraulic excavator which is originally produced in Japan. This kind of used excavator weighs 45 ton and has a capacity of 2.5m3,Komatsu is one of the world's largest engineering machinery and mining machinery manufacturing enterprises. It is e...

  • Introduction to Backhoe Excavator


    What is shown in the picture is a typical backhoe excavator. Used excavator is divided into two different types. One is called face-shovel excavator, the other is called backhoe excavator. The action of the Face shovel excavator is shoveling, a bit like loader, cannot dig ditches. Face–shovel excavator seems to be used mor...

  • Watch Out! The Machine Could be Overturned


    Used excavator, just as the name implies, is second hand used excavator. As we all know, the performance of a second-hand machine will not be as good as a new one. So, we should be more careful when a used excavator is working especially for the moment when the excavator is working on a slope. Excavators weigh several to...

  • Volvo Used Excavator is Different from Others


    Volvo used excavator is multi-functional machinery. If you consider production efficiency, capacity, cost and profit margin, Volvo used excavator is your best choice. Its high scientific technology contributes to its perfect production performance.Volvo used excavator possesses unique creative design. it can dig with a high de...

  • Different Models of Kobelco Used Excavator


    Common Kobelco used excavator divides into internal combustion engine driven excavator and electric excavator. Electric excavator is mainly used for plateau; underground mine or some other inflammable and explosive places according to the driving way. According to the different way of walking, Kobelco used excavator is divided to...

  • Different Types of Volvo Used Excavator


    Swedish Volvo group was founded in 1924, and Volvo construction equipment is one of member of Swedish Volvo group. As we all know, it is the leading construction equipment manufacturer in the world. Volvo construction Equipment Corporation of China was established in March 2002, its headquarters is in Shanghai. It is mainly in...

  • Kobelco Used Excavator Serves for Construction Area


    Kobelco set up in 1905, and Kobelco Steel construction machinery is a subsidiary corporation of Kobelco from October 1999. It is specialized in manufacturing and sales of excavator and cranes and other construction machinery. In August, 2003, Chengdu god steel engineering machinery corporation was founded in Chengdu, China, in...

  • Kobelco Used Excavator is Different from Others


    Kobelco used excavator has an obvious advantage compared with other used excavators with high quality. Especially Kobelco used excavator firstly applies the most advanced technology of machinery industry in the world. SK320 international hydraulic used excavator is a typical product of Kobelco excavator. Let us see its feature...