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  • Excavator Used for Common Construction Equipment


    Here I will introduce you some kinds of excavators used for common construction equipment:1: BackhoeBackhoe is a kind excavator that we've seen the most common, it can back down its assembly, forced them to cut soil. It also can be used to dig things below the work surface, the basic operation modes includes: side ditch digg...

  • Why to Buy the Used Excavator?


    Used own R & D and production of hybrid components to maintain a consistent reliability and durability. This kind excavator has been certified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, low-carbon construction machinery, and also been certified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, ultra-low noise construction machinery. Used excavator...

  • The Introduction of the Used Excavator at Your Disposal


    Backhoe has three important parameters usually, they are engine power, bucket capacity and operating weight, the operating weight is the most important among them. The operating weight determines the level of backhoes, backhoe digging force determines the upper limit of the backhoe. If digging force exceeds the limit, in the ...

  • How to Choose Used Excavator?


    There are a lot of excavators for sales on the internet. But there still some different between the used excavator. Do you know about it? We type the some kind of excavator which second-hand most frequently to help your find out how to choose the used excavators.1.Used hydraulic excavatorsNowadays, there are exactly 99% o...

  • What are the Cat Excavator Advantages?


    As a long time excavator operator said: This car is all Japanese imports of substantial and durable strength big walk strength and special surface paint do well is not easy to fade cab with carter, 320 cabin as big as this is the biggest characteristic of carter 307 c. As cat excavator advantages really exist, like used Cater...

  • Maybe You can Replace the Excavator Bucket Yourself


    Excavator bucket is one of the most frequent usage parts of the used excavator when it is at work; excavator bucket is also the fastest wear parts. So, it often needs to be replaced especially for used excavators. The replacement of the digging bucket is a technical work. Operators can only finish this work without causing d...

  • Tips on Choosing Used Volvo Excavator


    Volvo used excavator always adheres to the “ quality, safety and environment protection” of the core values, and makes the conception into the product research and development, business management, personnel training, channel construction and other aspects.Volvo diesel engine is a low emission with superior performance and fue...

  • Are You Familiar with the Working Principle of Hitachi Excavator?


    Hitachi excavator is affiliated with Japanese Hitachi, under the joint effort of itself and its subsidiary (Hitachi machine group), depends on its rich experience and many of the advanced technology. They develop and produce first-class construction machinery. Hitachi second-hand excavator holds a large market in china.Howeve...