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  • Brief Introduction of Used excavator


    Excavator, also known as mining machinery, is higher or lower than scoop mining machine superficial material, and load conveyance vehicles or discharge to the stocking yard earthmoving machineries. Introduction of used excavator has the most important three restrictions: working weight (quality), engine control and bucket capaci...

  • Tips for Maintenance of the Used Excavators


    Tip 1: Use Oil with Good QualityUsing oil is beneficial to anti-corrosion, preventing wear off and avoiding heating and oxidative breakdown. However, using oil that has not good quality will lead to repair that waste time and shorten the service life of the used excavator.Tip 2: Frequently Lubricate FittingsFrequent lubricate ...

  • Precautions When Used Excavator for Tearing Down the House


    It is amazing that excavator can work at very rugged place. It works very efficiently in the process of society construction. It can help to build a tall grand building,tear down as well. With time passing by, some outdate houses need to be relaced by newly ones. They must be torn down. So it is excavator's time to w...

  • The Development of the Hydraulic Excavator


    The hydraulic excavator has many functions. It is the most common excavator for excavating and exploring. And it is the most popular excavator in the used excavator market. If added to different fittings, it is able to drill holes or crush rocks even mow in the field. Its function to crush solid objects such as rocks, pipes...

  • What do You Know About the Excavator?


    An excavator is a kind of machinery construction equipment that is used to dig holes or shift large size things. The used excavator consists of two parts: a driving foundation and a powerful stick that can be adjusted with an attachment designed to excavate. And there is a cab for operator to run the excavator.The foundation...

  • The Used Excavator Market in China


    The national bureau of statistics data show that in 2010, China's used excavator manufacturing enterprises above designated size has more than 252, 169.785 billion RMB of sales value, realizing the product sales profit of 25.367 billion RMB, profit totaled 21.406 billion RMB, more than 80% year-on-year growth.China's excava...

  • How Does a Used Hydraulic Excavator Work?


    A used hydraulic excavator mainly consists of the arm, the engine, the swing as well as the cab.The ArmThe arm of the used hydraulic is just like the arm of the human being. The movement of human being depends on the wrist as well as the elbow, while for used hydraulic excavator, it have wrist and elbow as well. There ...

  • Certain Basic Foreign Used Excavators That are Popular


    During the booming of used excavator, the foreign excavators are still the preference of most people. The features of durability, good quality with advanced technology make the foreign excavators superior to domestic excavators, even in the used excavators market. As a matter of fact, the foreign excavators have many advantag...