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  • Do You Know the Suction Excavator?


    Now we will talk about the characteristics and uses of the suction excavator. The suction mining function is continuous operation with high productivity. And its cost is low. The suction excavator can dig surface with a neat form, but its digging force is small. And some parts of it are easy to be worn. So it is generally...

  • What Kind of Role Does the Used Excavator Play?


    What is the role of used excavator? Excavator is one of the most widely used mighty machines, generally, it is composed of 3 parts——boom, stick, and driving cab (driving cab is always on the rotating platform, it is also known as the“house”). On account of the high cost of buying new excavators, the used excavator are ...

  • Do You Know the Dragline Excavator?


    Dragline excavator is also called the shovel excavator. It is generally applicable to deal with the Ⅰ and Ⅱ soils. The dragline excavator's work process often uses inertia force which will be flung in a bucket. It can dig further away and dig deeper radius, but it may be not flexible accurately. It is especially suitable...

  • Do You Know the Compact Excavator?


    Like many construction machineries, the compact excavator is affected by national infrastructure construction. Now, our country has further developed such as traffic, water conservancy and nuclear power infrastructure investment. All of these infrastructures as well as the development of compact excavators bring the large market ...

  • Have Any Idea of the Crawler Excavator?


    From the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of the excavator is relatively quick. As one of the main engineering machinery models in engineering construction, the excavators play an important role. Crawler excavator with more advantages attracts the attention of people. Even the used excavat...

  • What can You do With the Compact Excavator?


    As it is cheaper, it is widely used in many fields. Here we will talk about the application of the compact excavator. Compared with large used Volvo excavators, the design of compact excavator is more intelligent which makes operation easier and more comfortable. The compact excavator is widely used in road, plumbing, munici...

  • Various Kinds of Excavators


    First of all, according to the used excavator operation process, the excavators can be divided into cycle operation excavator and continuous operation excavator. Cycle operation of excavator's digging, delivery, unloading and such a process is to repeat cycle. For example, a variety of single bucket excavators are in the li...

  • Weather Affects on Excavator


    Weather affects on used excavator and excavator can be affected most in winter and summer. Because its performance related to weather directly. In general,the hydraulic oil of the excavator can attenuate when the machine temperature rise which results in low pressure of the hydraulic system and it will decrease the machine per...