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  • Apply the Used Excavator in New Large Role


    Excavator is a huge scale equipment playing a great role in the constructions. Actually it can be seen as a complicated combination of exquisite components in a well-organized way. There are some important components on an excavator such as a boom, stick, a huge scoop, bucket on a great cab on the rotatable platform. And ...

  • Some Details of the Buckets on the Used Excavator


    We all know that the main part of an excavator for us to easily recognize it is its enormous showy bucket. As it shows from the appearance, it is also in great use in the project. The whole bucket is made of advanced alloy metal with high strength and performance. The used excavator bucket is guarantee the safety work wi...

  • Do You Know What Does CL Mean on a Used Excavator?


    In China, used excavators are also known as the "old digging machine", "old hook machine ", " second-hand hook machine". So there are many kind of name to call the used digging machine. Excavator's bucket can excavate the material that is above or below the stop surface, and come into the transport vehicle or unloaded to...

  • Why Would People Like to Buy Used Excavator?


    With the development of economy, excavator has become one of the main construction machinery in the construction. Nowadays, the demand for used excavator continues to increase. So the market of excavator has also been expanded. A lot of information of used excavator can been searched and found in the internet. So what exact...

  • The Way to Repair The Used Excavator


    You must make sure you know, many buyers would like to the buy the lower price used excavator instead of the high price new one. Of course, there are other condition, as we know, there are a lot of famous brands that you can make sure the quality ,especially in a used excavator, for example,the Kobelco used excavators,...

  • How to Run a Used Excavator


    To run a used excavator there are many steps to follow:Step1 In the position, movement caused by each of the j stops. Use operating handle to control the bucket and what is important, it's the rotation of the cab of the machine.Step2 Use the operating handle on the right, you will ask, what this for, it's to control th...

  • Take Those Factors into Consideration Before Buying a Used Excavator


    Not everyone has known clearly about a used excavator before buying it. Excavator is a kind of machinery that works in lifting, scooping, digging and moving dirt. They can maneuver 360 degrees to move the soil once you have it in the bucket. Excavators range from large (often used in places like mining sites) and mini (u...

  • Consider Some Things Before Buying a Used Mini-Excavator


    You can think The first reason why there are so many used excavators for sale, is that many places and people prefer to buy them rather than rent them for their good purposes ,and what is important,once the purpose is good,and they want to discard them. So many mini excavators are worth a lot of money and worth buying...